Undergraduate Programs

Program Requirements

The Faculty of Arts requires a minimum of 15 full course equivalents (90 credit hours) to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) 


There is only one sociology course available to first year students, namely, Introduction to Sociology ( SOC 1200 ). This six credit-hour course introduces you to the discipline, its perspective, its basic concepts and principles, its methods of analysis, and its major sub-fields. This course is a prerequisite for all other sociology courses, which means students complete the course with a minimum grade of C if they intend to enroll in more advanced sociology courses.

Beyond SOC 1200 there are almost sixty different undergraduate courses to choose from, covering a wide spectrum of issues and topics. These courses are available to students either as electives chosen to supplement their major area of study, or as more concentrated programs of study within sociology. Students who have completed their first year and wish to embark on a program of sociological study have a variety of options. 

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