Recent Graduate Students Theses in the Criminology and Social Justice Area

Amanda Nelund (Ph.D. 2016) “Engendering Alternative Justice: Criminalized Women, Alternative Justice and Neoliberalism” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Joseph Asomah (M.A. 2015) “The Rise of Global Policing in Africa: Real Need or Imperialist Project” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Janine Bramadat (M.A. 2015) “The Role of Canadian Laws and Policies in Perpetuating Intimate Partner Abuse against Newcomer Women in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

James Gacek (M.A. 2015) “The Impact of ‘Life’ Behind Bars: Understanding Space, Impression Management and Masculinity through Former Inmate Narratives” (E. Comack, advisor)

Natalia Ilyniak (M.A. 2015) “‘To Rob the World of a People’: An Instance of Colonial Genocide in the Fort Alexander Residential School” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Sally Ogoe (M.A. 2015) “Why Does Female Genital Mutilation Persist? Examining the Failed Criminalization Strategies in Africa and Canada” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Jillian M. Patterson (M.A. 2015) “Deconstructing Neoliberal Rationality in an Increasingly Punitive Society: Canadian Public Support for ‘Tough on Crime’ Policies” (T. Peter, advisor)

Daniel Levin (M.A. 2014) “Street Gangs in Winnipeg: Inner-City Youth Prevention Programs as Sites of Resistance?” (E. Comack, advisor)

Daniel Church (M.A. 2013) “Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change: An Eco-Social Analysis” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Ashley Pearson (M.A. 2012) “An Evaluation of Winnipeg’s Electronic Monitoring Pilot Project for Youth Auto Theft Offenders” (R. Linden, advisor)

Evan Bowness (M.A. 2012) “Racialized Policing in Winnipeg: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Comments” (E. Comack, advisor) 

Matthew Giesbrecht (M.A. 2012) "Canadian Corporate Criminal Liability in Workplace  Fatalities:  Evaluating Bill C-45" (R. Linden, advisor)

Mark Hanly (M.A. 2012) "Nodal Governance and Security Provision:  The University of Manitoba Security Service" (R. Linden, advisor)

Konstantin Petoukov (M.A. 2011) "An Evaluation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) Through the Lens of Restorative Justice and the Theory of Recognition" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Tina Sorensen (M.A. 2011) "Compromised Masculinities: Issues Surrounding Rape and Sexual Torture of Men in Conflict Situations" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Stefan Wolejszo (Ph.D. 2011) "Sine Qua Non: Canadian Criminalization of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Amelia Curran (M.A. 2010) “The Construction of At-Risk Youth: A Qualitative Study of Community-Based Youth-Serving Agencies” (E. Comack, advisor)

Fadi Ennab (M.A. 2010) “Rupturing the Myth of the Peaceful Western Canadian Frontier: A Socio-historical Study of Colonization, Violence and the North West Mounted Police, 1873-1905” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Reagan Gordon (M.A. 2010) “The Effect of Abuse on Adolescent Behaviour: An Empirical Analysis of Abused Adolescents and Observed negative Functioning” (S. Brickey, advisor)

Gosia Parada (MA thesis, 2010) “Parental Responsibility for Youth Crime: A Comparative Study of Legislation in Four Countries” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Coleen Pawlychka (M.A. 2010)“Redefining Justice: the Framing of Contemporary Restorative Justice in Film” (A. Woolford, advisor)










Ryanne Harrison (M.A. 2009) “Rwandan Genocide and the International Media: A Two-stage Analysis of Newspaper Coverage” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Lisa Heshka (M.A. 2008) “From Pathways to Tangled Webs: An Analysis of Girls in Trouble with the Law” (E. Comack, advisor)

Marianne Krawchuck (M.A. 2008) “The Use of Custody under the Youth Criminal Justice Act: A Review of Section 39—Prohibitions on the Use of Custodial Sentences” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Rana McDonald (M.A. 2008) “The Discord between Policy and Practice: Defence Lawyers’ use of Section 718,2(e) and Gladue” (S. Brickey & E. Comack, advisors)

Jeremy Patzer (M.A. 2008) “Métis Hunting Rights in the Juridical Field: Keeping up Appearances” (C. Powell, advisor)

Faranza Quddus (M.A. 2008) “Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Legal System: A qualitative Study of Bangladeshi Immigrants in Winnipeg, Manitoba” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Kimberly Spiers (M.A. 2008) “Restorative Justice in South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (A. Woolford, advisor)