Criminology Graduate Program

Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Criminology and Social Justice can do so via the Master’s and Ph.D. programs offered in the Department of Sociology. For admission requirements and details on these programs see: Sociology Graduate Programs

The Sociology Department routinely offers graduate seminars on criminology and social justice issues. In addition to the Seminar in Theoretical Criminology (SOC 7280) and Law and Social Control (SOC 7300), Selected Topics in Criminology (SOC 7450) covers a wide range of topics. In recent years SOC 7450 has been offered to explore: Feminist Criminology; the Justice of Restorative Justice; Genocide and War Crimes; and Global Criminology and Criminal Justice.  

In addition, many of our graduate students have carried out advanced (M.A. and Ph.D.) research for their theses and dissertations that has prepared them for future academic and other professional careers in criminology and social justice.