Sociology Graduate Student Theses


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Lisette Dansereau (M.A.) "The emotional labour of front line care work" (L. Funk, advisor) [additional contributions by C. Albas (Sociology), D. Albas (Sociology), and D. McPhail (Community Health Sciences)]

Noelle Dietrich (M.A.) “The Closure Factor: An Autoethnographical Analysis of the Justness of Restorative Justice after Murder” (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Worlanyo Dovoh (M.A.) “The International Criminal Court and Africa: A Critical Analysis of Competing Views of the Success of the Court in Protecting Human Rights in African Countries” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Rômulo Estevan Schembida de Oliveira (M.A.) “Police and Market: The Creation of Pacifying Police Units in Rio de Janeiro” (R. Smandych, advisor)


Mariah Baldwin (M.A.) “Domestic Homicide Policy Responses in Canada: Exploring the Diversity of Models and Their Potential for Tertiary Prevention” (E. J. Ursel, Advisor)

Jeffery Biegun (M.A.) “A Validation Study of the ‘Problem Video Game Playing Test’ (PVGT) in an Undergraduate University Sample” (J. Edgerton, advisor)

Shanise Burgher (M.A.) “The Punitive Turn? Assessing the Impact of the Harper Government’s Tough on Crime Legacy” (E. Comack, advisor)

Mateja Carevic (M.A.) “Deconstructing Transitional Justice in Croatia: Understanding Peacebuilding Developments in the Context of Conflicting Discourses and Competing Truths” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Ryan Catte (M.A.) “Twenty First Century Policing: An Evaluation of the Winnipeg Police Service Smart Policing Initiative” (R. Linden, advisor)

Efe Ehigiato (M.A.) “Nigerian Immigrants’ Experiences Accessing and Receiving Health Care Services in Canada” (L. Funk, advisor)

Nicole Macinnis (M.A.) “Sexual Assault Reporting Rates in Canada: An Exploration of Factors Involved in Victims’ Reporting Decisions” (T. Peter, advisor)

Yi Jack Shen (M.A.) “A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis of Youth Gambling in Manitoba Using Cycle 2 of The Manitoba Longitudinal Study of Young Adults” (J. Edgerton, advisor)

Jacob Simoens (M.A.) “A Qualitative Evaluation of One Diversion Program for Domestic Violence Cases in Winnipeg” (E. J. Ursel, advisor)


Md. Mahmudur Bhuiyan (Ph.D.) “Understanding and Explaining Social Welfare Policies in Developing Nations” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Jill Bucklaschuk (Ph.D.) “In Pursuit of Permanence: Examining Lower Skilled Temporary Migrants’ Experiences with Two Step Migration in Manitoba” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Tamara Edkins (M.A.) “ ‘Does it Get Better?’: Childhood Bullying and the Positive Mental Health of LGBT Canadians in Adulthood” (T. Peter, advisor)

Amanda Nelund (Ph.D.) “Engendering Alternative Justice: Criminalized Women, Alternative Justice and Neoliberalism” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Shahrokh Rezania (M.A.) “Refugee Fathers in a New Country: The Challenges of Cultural Adjustment and Raising Children in Winnipeg, Canada” (R. Smandych, advisor)


Harriette Maamansa Asaam (M.A.) “Mental Health and Well-Being of Refugees to Canada: A Brighter Future” (C. Fries, advisor)

Joseph Asomah (M.A.) “The rise of global private policing in Africa: real need or imperialist project?” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Iqbal Chowdhury (M.A.) “Family Influences on the Emotional Well-being of Newcomer Youth in Canada” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

James Gacek (M.A.) “The impact of ‘life’ behind bars: understanding space, impression management and masculinity through former inmate narratives” 
(E. Comack, advisor)

Sally Ogoe (M.A.) “Why does female genital mutilation persist? Examining the failed criminalization strategies in Africa and Canada” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Jillian Patterson (M.A.) ADeconstructing Neoliberal Rationality in an Increasingly Punitive Society: Canadian Public Support for ‘Tough on Crime’ Policies@ (T. Peter, advisor)

Matthew Sanscartier (M.A.) “A brave new citizenry: exploring Canadian welfare state retrenchment through changing citizenship” (G. Olsen, advisor)




Ryan Coulling (M.A.) "Investigating Smartphones - There's a Theory for That: Smartphones as an Assemblage and Apparatus" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Kyla Doll (M.A.) "Representations of Gender on the Television Series Deadly Women" (D. Spencer)

Michelle Gorea (M.A.) "The 'Fluidity' of Beings Portrayed through Human-Robot Interaction: An Analysis of Human-to-Robot Relations (S. Bookman, advisor)

Natalia Ilyniak (M.A.) “To rob the world of a people”: an instance of colonial genocide in the Fort Alexander Indian Residential School” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Daniel Levin (M.A) "Street Gangs in Winnipeg: Inner-City Youth Prevention Program as Sites of Resistance?" (E. Comack, advisor)

Scott McCulloch (M.A.) "Reimaging Urban Space: The Fesitval as a (Re)Branding Vehicle for Inscribing Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Japantown" (S. Bookman, advisor)

Julia Peristerakis (M.A.) "'We Must Separate Them from Their Families'" Canadian Policies of Child Apprehension and Relocation from Indigenous Communities" (C. Powell, advisor)

Nick Weselowski (M.A.) "Housing Policy Approaches in Canada: Locating Québec, Alberta, and Manitoba" (G. Olsen, advisor)


Daniel Church (M.A.) “Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change: An Eco-Social Analysis” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Palak Dhiman (M.A.) “Multiculturalism and Identity Formation Among Second Generation Canadian Women of South Asian Origin Through Indian Classical Dance” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Jenna Jones (M.A.) “Models as Cultural Intermediaries: A Discourse Analysis of the Program Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model” (S. Bookman, advisor)

Alison Kalischuk (M.A.) “Social Capital: A Good Construct Gone Bad?” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Bong-Hwan Kim (Ph.D., I.I.S.) “Understanding the Integration Experiences of Korean Canadians” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Zoë-Lea St. Aubin (M.A.) “Food Consumption Practices in Thompson, Manitoba: A Northern Narrative” (S. Bookman, advisor)


Evan Bowness  (M.A.) “Racialized Policing in Winnipeg: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Comments” (E. Comack, advisor)

Rachell Dolynchuk (M.A.) "Canada's Aging Population: Does Immigrant Status Matter?" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Matthew Giesbrecht (M.A.) "Canadian Corporate Criminal Liability in Workplace  Fatalities:  Evaluating Bill C-45" (R. Linden, advisor)

Mark Hanly (M.A.) "Nodal Governance and Security Provision:  The University of Manitoba Security Service" (R. Linden, advisor)

Carly Johnston (M.A.) "Government as Learnaucracy:  Learning and Performance in a Canadian Public Sector Organization" (R. Linden, advisor)

Brianne Messina (M.A.) "Gender and Social Policy:  An Examination of Four Welfare States" (G. Olsen, advisor)

Charles Mulvenna (M.A.) "Orienting Terrorism: Representations of Terrorism in 'the West'" (C. Powell, advisor)  

Ashley Pearson (M.A.) "An Evaluation of Winnipeg's Electronic Monitoring Pilot Project for Youth Auto Theft Offenders" (R. Linden, advisor)

Nicholas Sasaki (M.A.) "En Evaluation of Food Security in Manitoba: An Issue of Sustainable Supply" (R. Kueneman, advisor)


Michelle Albl (M.A.) "The Waiting Game:  A Critical Analysis of Childcare Waiting Lists in Winnipeg" (S. Prentice, advisor)

Shawn Baker (M.A.) "Education, Earning, and Employment: an Investigation of Immigrants in Canadian Cities" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Meaghen Boiteau (M.A.) "I Know Just What She Wants": Constructing gender, Sexuality, and Relationships on The Doll Forum"  (E. Comack, advisor)

Aaron Klassen  (M.A.) "Notating Indie Culture:  Aesthetics of Authenticity" (S. Bookman, advisor)

Edward Klassen (M.A.) "The Deconstruction of Contrast in the Sociological Analysis of Religion" (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Janelle McLeod (M.A.) "Sexual Discourse: Prower, Knowledge, and the Docile Body" (C. Powell, advisor)

Timothy Melnyk (M.A.)  "A Sociological Perspective on Stress, Health, and Coping, and an Examination of a Proposed Coping Framework: The Coping Repertoire Approach" (L. Roberts, advisor)

Nadine Nowatzki (Ph.D.) "Wealth, wealth Inequality, and Health: a Political Economy Perspective" (A. Segall, advisor)

Konstantin Petoukhov, (M.A.) "An Evaluation of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Through the Lens of Restorative Justice and the Theory of Recognition" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Jackson Phiri, (M.A.) "An Exploration of the Challenges of Grandparenting in HIV/AIDS affected Families in Zambia" (A. Segall, advisor)

Tina Sorensen, (M.A.) "Compromised Masculinities: Issues Surrounding Rape and Sexual Torture of Men in Conflict Situations" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Stefan Wolejszo, (Ph.D.) "Sine qua non: Canadian Criminalization of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide" (A. Woolford, advisor)


Justine Brisebois (M.A.) "Generalized Harassment in Canadian Universities: Policies and Practices Addressing Bullying in The Academic Workplace"  (S. Prentice, advisor)

Amelia Curran (M.A.) "The Construction of At-Risk Youth: A Qualitative Study of Community-Based Youth-Serving Agencies" (E. Comack, advisor)

Jason Edgerton (Ph.D.) "Habitus and 'Class' and Gender Disparities in Academic Achievement: A Structural-Disposition-Practice Model" (L. Roberts, advisor)

Fadi Ennab (M.A.) "Rupturing The Myth of The Peaceful Western Canadian Frontier: A Socio-Historical Study of Colonization, Violence and The North West Mounted Police, 1873 - 1905" (R. Smandych, advisor)

Reagan Gordon (M.A.) "The Effect of Abuse on Adolescent Behaviour: An Empirical Analysis of Abused Adolescents and Observed Negative Functioning" (S. Brickey, advisor)

Joey Jakob (M.A.) "The Stranger in Crisis: Spectacle and Social Response" (C. Powell, advisor)

James Lyons (M.A.) "The Social Impacts of Bed Bugs on Inner-City Residents" (E. Comack, advisor)

Malgorzata (Gosia) Parada (M.A.) "Parental Responsibility For Youth Crime: A Comparative Study of Legislation in Four Countries" (R. Smandych, advisor)

Colleen Pawlychka (M.A.) "Redefining Justice: The Framing of Contemporary Restorative Justice in Film" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Kaeleigh Schroeder (M.A.) "Charisma: A Study of The Forcefulness of The Individual Within Society" (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Brittny Trubyk (M.A.) "Stay Out of Gangs: A Visual Analysis of The Campaign" (S. Bookman, advisor)

Shauna Wortman (M.A.) "Empirically Assessing The Threat of Victimization: How Victimization and Gender Mediate The Relationship Between Perceived risk, Fear of Victimization and Constrained Behaviour" (S. Brickey, advisor)


Jennifer Dengate (M.A.) "Religious Commitment and Well-being: The Importance of Private Versus Public Faith" (T. Peter, advisor)

Ryanne Harrison (M.A.) "Rwandan Genocide and The International Media: A Two-stage Analysis of Newspaper Coverage" (A. Woolford, advisor)

Swati Mandal (M.A.) "Settlement Intentions of Post-Secondary International Students in Manitoba" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Kevin Stevenson (M.A.) "Ecological Identification: Exploring The Motivations of Ecological Behaviour" (R. Kueneman, advisor)

Jasmine Thomas (M.A.) "Immigrant Serving Organizations and The School-to-Work Transitions of Newcomer Youth in Winnipeg" (L. Wilkinson, advisor)


Lisa Heshka (M.A.) “From Pathways to Tangled Webs: An Analysis of Girls in Trouble with the Law” (E. Comack, advisor)

Valerie Hiebert (M.A.) “Media Effects: A Cross-National Comparison of Canadian and Swedish Youth” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Marianne Krawchuk (M.A.) “The Use of Custody under the Youth Criminal Justice Act: A Review of Section 39—Prohibitions on the Use of Custodial Sentences” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Carly Liebrecht (M.A.) “The Education Attainment of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: An Analysis of the 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey” (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Rana McDonald (M.A.) “The Discord between Policy and Practice: Defence Lawyers’ use of Section 718,2(e) and Gladue” (S. Brickey & E. Comack, advisors)

Jillian McLean (M.A.) “Reading Men’s Diaries: A Discursive Analysis of Posts on the World Sex Guide” (E. Comack, advisor)

Cheryl Nicholson (M.A.) “Personal and Educational Experiences of Post-Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities (R. Smandych, advisor) 

Jeremy Patzer (M.A.) “Métis Hunting Rights in the Juridical Field: Keeping up Appearances” (C. Powell, advisor)

Farzana Quddus (M.A.) “Immigrants’ Perceptions of the Legal System: A qualitative Study of Bangladeshi Immigrants in Winnipeg, Manitoba” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Kimberly Spiers (M.A.) “Restorative Justice in South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (A. Woolford, advisor)

Allan Weinshenker (M.A.) “The Emergence of New Strategies and Alliances among Community-based Non-profit Organizations in a Gentrifying Inner-city Neighbourhood: A Case Study of Non-profit Organizations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside” (R. Kueneman, advisor)


Tara Baxter (M.A.) “Connecting Child Advocacy Groups: Exploring Nodes and Networks Combating Child Sexual Exploitation” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Sarah MacKinnon (M.A.) “Discursive Discrimination and Panhandling in Winnipeg Newspapers” (C. Powell, advisor)

Temitope Oriola (M.A.) “New Cultures, New Laws: Perceptions of Nigerians in Winnipeg about Canadian Laws and Criminal Justice System” (R. Smandych, advisor)


Raluca Buzdugan (M.A.) “Does Having a Foreign Degree Matter? An Analysis of the Interaction Between Education and Origin of Degree in Predicting Income” (Lori Wilkinson, advisor)

Kristin Clarke (M.A.) “A Longitudinal Study of Fear of Crime in Winnipeg” (M. Weinrath, advisor)

Tina Fehr Kehler (M.A.) “The Preservation and Transmission of Culture and Religion among Dietesche (Low German) Mennonite Returnees to Southern Manitoba” (L. Wilkinson, advisor).

Cheryl Laurie (M.A.) “Seeking That ‘Piece of Paper’: An Examination of Protection Orders under the Domestic Violence and Stalking Act of Manitoba” (J. Ursel, advisor).

Marlaine Myk (M.A.) “Dimensions of Disability: A Comparative Analysis of Disability Policy and Programming in Sweden, Germany and the United States” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Aldean Stachiw (M.A.) “Manitoba’s Abortion Story: The Fight for Women’s Reproductive Autonomy: 1969 – 2005” (S. Prentice, advisor). 


Renuka  Chaturvedi (M.A.) “Understanding Social Capital: a Preliminary Analysis of the Norm of Reciprocity and Bounded Solidarity “ (L. Wilkinson, advisor)

Hazel Cheng (M.A.) “Exploring the Use of Self-rated Health as a Population Indicator” (B. Payne, advisor)

Leigh Haldenby (M.A.) “An Evaluation of the Manitoba Victim Impact Statement Program” (S. Brickey, advisor)

Nikki Isaac (M.A.) “Women’s Socio-economic Autonomy in Canada, Sweden and the U.S.” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Tracey Peter (Ph.D.). “Hearing ‘Invisible Voices’: Examining Female-perpetrated Sexual Abuse of Children” (E. Comack, advisor)

Patricia Prosen (M.A.) “Public Opinions of Physician-assisted Suicide: the Role of Ageism in Acceptance “ (B. Payne, advisor)

Candida Sousa (M.A.). “Female Police Officers in the Winnipeg Police Service: A Case Study Exploring Experiences, Perceptions and Gender Dynamics” (R. Linden, advisor)

Haiping Wang (M.A.) “The Motivation of Public and Private School Teachers in China” (J. Kwong, advisor)


Salena Brickey (M.A.) “Constituting the Violence of Criminalized Women: Not Bad, Mad or Victim Will Suffice” (E. Comack, advisor)

Peter Feher (M.A.) “An Analysis of the Welfare State in France and Sweden: Convergence or Divergence?” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Angela Whyte (M.A.) “Placing Blame or Finding Peace: a Qualitative Analysis of the Legal Response to Rape as a War Crime in the Former Yugoslavia” (R. Smandych, advisor) 


Jamie Brownlee (M.A.) “The Economic Elite in Canada: an Analysis of Business Unity and Corporate Political Action” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Denise  Hildebrand (M.A.) “Staff Perspectives of the Aboriginal Residential School Experience: a Study of Four Presbyterian Schools, 1888 – 1923” (R. Smandych, advisor) 

Elizabeth Pirnie (M.A.) “The Subject of Ideology: the Ontological ‘Impossibility of Subjectivity’” (C. Axelrod, advisor)


Gillian Balfour (Ph.D.) “The Practice of Law as Structured Action: The Role of Lawyers in the Criminalization of Violent Men and Women” (E. Comack, advisor)

Jesse Carlson (M.A.) “Sociological Figures: Metaphor in the Texts of Classical Sociology” (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Vanessa Chopyk (M.A.) “Re-Examining Gender Disparity in Sentencing : Locating the Sentencing of Violent Offenders in the Criminal Event Framework” (E. Comack. advisor)

Lauren E. L. Eakin (M.A.) “Women, crack cocaine addiction and the sex trade industry : A standpoint analysis” (E. Comack; B. Payne)  

Randall Jackson (M.A.) “Two-spirit Men in Winnipeg and the Experience of HIV/AIDs” (K. Grant, advisor)

Christopher Nash (M.A.) “The Reification of Knowledge and Commodity Fetishism in the ‘New’ Economy” (J. Kwong, advisor)

Tracy Nielsen (Ph.D.) “Streets, Strangers and Solidarity: A Study of Lesbian Interaction in the Public Realm” (D. Albas, advisor)

Curt Pankratz (M.A.) “Toward a More Complete Welfare State Regimes Typology: the Class Stratification Implications of Family Policy” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Elana Sokolov (M.A.) “Offender Risk Assessment/risk Management System” (R. Linden, advisor)

Stefan Wolejszo (M.A.) “Gender Trouble and the Construction of Gender Identity on Internet Chat Sites” (D. Albas, advisor)


Cheryl Christian (M.A.) “Urban Elderly Women and Fear of Crime: A Sociological Analysis” (B. Payne, advisor)

Murray Dyck (M.A.) “Old Wine in New Bottles?  An Exploratory Analysis of Community-based Policing in Rural Alberta” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Yasmin Hosain (M.A.) “Class inequalities in prescription drug use: The Case of Hormone Replacement Therapy” (B. Payne, advisor)

Jan Mitchell (M.A.) “Staying Well Together: Social Support and Well-being among Lesbian Couples in Manitoba” (K Grant, advisor)

Lisa Murdock (M.A.) “Aboriginal Women and Violence: A Standpoint Analysis” (E.Comack, advisor)

Wendy Singleton (M.A.) “Beyond the Attic Door: A Feminist Social History of Imprisonment at the Portage Gaol from 1945 to 1970 (E. Comack, advisor)

Stacey Todd (M.A.) “Who Pays for Privatization?: An Analysis of Out-of-Pocket Health Care Spending in Canada, 1969-1996” (K. Grant, advisor)

Jennifer Werhurn (M.A.) “If You Can't See It, It Never Happened: The Legitimation Experiences of Women and Men Living with Repetitive Strain Injuries of the Upper Extremities” (K. Grant, advisor)

Linda Wood (M.A.) “Caught in the Net of Zero-Tolerance: The Effect of the Criminal Justice Response to Partner Violence” (E. Comack, advisor)


Janelle Baker (M.A.) “The Emotional Effects after the Fracture of a Power-Unbalanced Relationship” (D. Albas, advisor)

Alan Suchan (M.A.) “The Big Six: Romanticizing an Era of the National Hockey League” (C. Axelrod, advisor)

Joanne Trudeau (M.A.) “Women's Experiences with Breast Health” (B. Payne, advisor)


Valerie P. J. Block (M.A.) “Parents in Relation to Schools: Perspectives on Power and Participation” (R. Kueneman, advisor)

Diane Cepanec (M.A.) “Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Women's Voices, Women's C oices” (B. Payne, advisor)

Barkley Engel (M.A.) “Socialization for Conformity in a Pentecostal Boarding School” (J. Kwong, advisor)

Damir Kukec (M.A.) “Protecting the Peaceable Kingdom: An Analysis of the Origin of Canada's 1995 Firearms Legislation” (R. Smandych, advisor)

Murray McKay (M.A.) A Qualitative Study of Adult Sons Caring for their Parents” B. Payne, advisor)

Mark G. Nuttall (M.A.) “The Dramaturgy of Labour/Management Negotiations” (D. Albas, advisor)


Brenda Comaskey (M.A.) “Subverting Women, Access to Abortion Services in Manitoba” (K. Grant, advisor)

Bryan Hogeveen (M.A.) An Intrusive and Corrective Government: Political Rationalities and the Governance of the Plains Aboriginals 1870-1890 (R. Smandych, advisor)

Timothy Lucas (M.A.) “Sexual Orientation and the Law: An Examination of the Discourse on two Federal Acts in Canada” (E. Comack, advisor)

Joanne Minaker (M.A.) Women's needs/available choices, juxtaposing criminal justice response to wife abuse with women's words (E. Comack, advisor)

Melanie Nimmo (M.A.) “Responding to female gang affiliation, an analysis of gender construction” (E. Comack, advisor)

Sandra Stoker (M.A.) An Examination of the Ability of Mainstream Institution to Meet the Needs of Aboriginal Victims of Domestic Violence (S. Brickey, advisor)

Winston Yee (M.A.) “Are Police Directed Crime Prevention Programs Effective? An Evaluative study of the University of Manitoba Campus Police's crime prevention programs” (R. Linden, advisor) 


Kelly Gorkoff (M.A.) “The Feminization of the Labour Movement?, Women's Participation in the Manitoba Government Employees Union” (G. Olsen, advisor)

Carmen Grabusic (M.A.) “Older Adults with Vision Loss, a Consideration of Coping Strategies, Appraisals, and Coping Resources” (L. Strain)

Jacqueline J. Luffman (M.A.) “Redefining retirement, towards an inclusive model of women's retirement” (S. Halli, advisor)

Evanthia Spyropoulos (M.A.) “Overcoming Infertility in an Age of Assisted Reproductive Technologies” (K. Grant, advisor)

Kathryn Stevenson (M.A.) "Why are We so Fearful? Challenging Traditional Approaches to fear of Crime and Personal Safety in Canada" (S. Brickey, advisor)


Ruth Bond (Brazauskas) (M.A.) “Assessing Hospital Utilization: Implications of Cost Containment for Health Care” (K.W. Taylor, advisor)

Neil B. Burke (M.A.) “Fair play : A Study in Socialization in Sport” (J. Kwong, advisor)

Kimberly D. Cook (M.A.) “Attitudes Toward Inequality and Redistribution in Canada: Analysis of a Liberal Welfare Regime” (G. Olsen, advisor)

E. Frank Cormier (M.A.) “A Lawless Life, Unrest and Strife?: The Existence of Aboriginal Customary Law in Manitoba First Nations Communities: An Exploratory Study” (S. Brickey, advisor)

Colleen Anne Dell (M.A.) “Offending women: Gender and Sentencing: An analysis of the Criminal Justice Processing of Blue- and White-Collar Theft and Fraud Offenders” (K.W. Taylor, advisor)

Hyang-Sue Kang (M.A.) “Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Work and Family: The Experience of Second Generation Japanese Canadian Women in Winnipeg” (R. Bienvenue, advisor)

Leeno Luke Karumanchery (M.A.) “Ethnic Identity Retention: A Cross Generational Analysis of Malayalees in Toronto” (L. Driedger, advisor)

Lana Maloney (M.A.) “Class and Gendered Justice : An Analysis of Presentence Reports in the Canadian Criminal Justice System” (S. Brickey, advisor)

George P. Mason (M.A.) “A Socioeconomic Analysis of Housing Need, Lone Parent Families in Winnipeg, 1981-1991” (L. Driedger, advisor)

Candace Reinsch (M.A.) “Turning the Tables on Grading: The Quality of Student Life as a Performance Indicator for Institutions of Higher Education” (L. Roberts, advisor)






Dennis Phillip (M.A.) “Leadership in a depressed primary industry: a social description of the fishermen of Lake Winnipeg” (D.R. White, advisor)