Mary-Anne Kandrack



Ph.D.(abd), Sociology, Carlton University
M.A., Sociology, University of Manitoba 1987
Pre-Master's Program, Sociology, University of Manitoba 1984
B.A., Psychology, University of Manitoba 1983


Areas of Specialization:

Theory/Sociology of Knowledge
Feminist Analysis
Deviance and Medicalization


SOC 1200 - Introductory Sociology
SOC 3660 - Sociology of Mental Disorder
SOC 3790 - Women, Crime and Social Justice
Qualitative Research

Teaching Awards and Distinctions:

2013-14        University 1: Exellence in Teaching Award
2012             Faculty Access Award, Student Affairs/University of Manitoba
2010-11        University 1: Ongoing Outstanding Excellence in Teaching Award
                     Faculty of Arts: Outstanding Achievement Award
2010             Faculty of Arts Teaching Excellence Award: Sessional category (nominee)
2008-09        University 1 Teaching Excellence Award
                     Faculty of Arts: Outstanding Achievement Award

Thesis Committees

External Examiner: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.
Stephanie Prouse: Master of Interior Design: (practicum in progress)
“Women in Prison: An Alternative Typology”

External Examiner: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.
Sakoto Takahashi: Master of Interior Design, Thesis: 2013
“Finding Hope Within the Shadow of Zen: A Women’s Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence”

External Examiner: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.
Dana Tapak: Master of Interior Design, Thesis: March, 2012
“Don’t Speak About Us Without Us: Design Considerations and Recommendations for Inpatient Mental Health Environments”

External Examiner: Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba.
Jennifer Wall: Master of Landscape Architecture: Practicum: August 2009.
“Women in Transition: The Landscape as a Catalyst for Community and Change”

Committee Member: Department of Sociology, University of Manitoba
Masters of Arts, Thesis, August, 1994.
Kirsten Johnson: “Undressing the Canadian State: A Feminist Approach to Obscenity Legislation in Canada”


Interests include theory and epistemology, investigating Science as both knowledge and practice in relation to the medicalization of deviance, with a specific focus on psychotherapeutic interventions.


Kandrack, M.A., “What’s Panhandling Got To Do With It?” Public Interest Law Group,
                             Research Report,     Fall, 2000

Johnson, K. and M.A. Kandrack, “On the Medico-Legal Appropriation of Menstrual
                            Discourse: The Syndromization of Women’s Experience”, Resources for
                            Feminist Research, Vol. 24, Nos. 1 and 2 (Spring/Summer), 1995: 23-27.

Kandrack, M.A. “Studying Psychotherapeutic Knowledge: Notes Toward a Working
                            Definition of Ideology”, Alternate Routes, Vol. 9, 1992: 90-94.

Kandrack, M.A., K. Grant and A. Segall, “Gender Differences in Health Related Behaviour:
                            Some Unanswered Questions”, Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 32, No. 5,
                            1991: 579-590.

Kandrack, M.A. and A. Segall, “Is an Explanation of Sex/Gender Differences in Health
                           Related Behaviour Possible?”, Winnipeg Area Study: Research Report #15,
                           University of Manitoba: 1987.


Papers Presented/Invited Lectures

“Challenging Rape Culture on Campus and Beyond”, 25th Anniversary Memorial for the
             Montreal Massacre:’ Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC. December 2014

“The Social Basis of Deviance: Victimization and Law-Breaking”, Yellowquill College,
            Winnipeg, March 2012.

 “Political and Social Consequences of Labeling: The Case of ‘Addicts’”, Yellowquill
             College, Winnipeg, February, 2012.

“The Subject in the Sex Trade”, 2012 Canadian Political Science Student Association 
             Conference, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, January, 2012.

“The Social Determinants of Health”, Understanding Addictions, Yellowquill College,
             Winnipeg, January, 2012.

“The Sociology of Addictions: Critical Considerations for Intervention”, Understanding 
              Addictions, Yellowquill College, Winnipeg, January, 2012.

“The Sociology of Mental Disorder: Critical Questions for the ‘Psy-professions’”,
             Abnormal Psychology, University of Manitoba, January, 2011.

“On Succeeding Against the Odds”, Province of Manitoba, Family Services and Housing: 
             Community Service Delivery Division”. July, 2009.

“Exploring the Possibilities for Non-traditional Students: Strategies for Success”,
             Aboriginal Focus Program (University Transition), University of Manitoba, 
             Graduation Ceremonies, July, 2009

“Sociology and Mental Disorder: Critical Considerations”, Abnormal Psychology, 
             Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba, September, 2009.

“The ABCs of Teaching Introductory Sociology”, Department of Sociology, University 
             of Manitoba, October, 2009.

“Passing the Torch: Remembering Victims of Violence”, Sunrise Memorial, Province of 
             Manitoba Legislature, December 6, 2008.

“Women’s Rights and Mental Health Care”, paper presented to the Selkirk Mental Health
            Centre Research committee, Selkirk, Manitoba. October, 1994.

“Feminism and Women’s Mental Health: Strategies for Change”, paper presented to the
            Working Group on Women and Mental Health, Mental Health Services, Manitoba 
            Health, December, 1994.


Public Sociology

The projects of the students in Women, Crime and Social Justice noted above were reported in articles published on-line in UM Today, as well as in the Manitoban, the Sociology newsletter and, in an extensive article on sexual violence in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Among the projects submitted for the course was a ‘camera-ready’ poster campaign (Gum is Something You Ask For…NOT Sexual Assault) that was adopted by UMSU in Fall term programming on campus. This work will be continued in 2015 in a number of efforts, including the use of social media to challenge rape myths and rape culture under the #nomoreblurredlines.

Invited Participant, Roundtable: “From 2nd to 3rd Wave Feminism: Mapping the Uprising, Strategizing the Revolution”, 25th Anniversary Memorial for the Montreal Massacre, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC. December, 2014.

last updated: June 2015