Mark Hudson, Ph.D.




Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Oregon, 2007
Masters in Environmental Studies (MES), York University, 1998
B.A. (Honours Economics), University of Manitoba, 1994

GPE 2700: Perspectives in Global Political Economy
GPE 4700: Studies in Global Political Economy
SOC 3838: Ecology and Society
SOC 2240: Sociology of Globalization
SOC 7240: Social Network Analysis

Thesis Supervision

Mahmudur Bhuihyan, PhD. (Sociology) “Welfare States in the Developing World” (Committee Member)

Choudhury, Mahed, MNRM. Wetland-community resilience to flood hazards in Sunamgonj district, Bangladesh: The role of social capital in disaster recovery and livelihood sustainability. (Committee Member)

Sarah Carson, M.A. “Strengthening Small Millets Based Food Security, Sustainable Livelihoods and Biodiversity: Identifying opportunities through a value chain analysis of small millets in one rainfed agricultural region in
South India.” (Committee Member)

Natalia Ilyniak, M.A. “A Relational Understanding of Residential Schools as an Instance of Colonial Genocide: The Case of Fort Alexander.” (Committee Member)

Craig Adolphe (Honours) “World Systems Theory and Energy Scarcity” (Advisor)

Daniel Church, M.A. “Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change: An Eco-Social Analysis.” (Committee Member)

Matthew Sanscartier (Honours) “Food Fit for Royalty: Corporate Cohesion, Power, and the Decline of Canadian Food Sovereignty” (Advisor)

Tracey Corner (Honours) “The Open Method of Coordination, Civic Literacy and Europe 2020: Improving the Quality of Life of European Citizens” (Advisor)

Charles Thiessen, Ph.D. “Shouldering Responsibility for Sustainable Peace: Exploring Afghan Ownership of Peacebuilding Activities in Afghanistan” (Committee Member)

Nick Sasaki, M.A. “A Sustainable Food System for Manitoba” (Committee Member)

Hans Hovanitz, M.A. “Nature and the Internet: Constructions, perceptions, and interactions” (Committee Member, Northern Arizona University)

Evan Bowness (Honours) “Public Participation and the Alberta Tar Sands” (Advisor)

Vanessa Ahing (Honours) “Power in the Fair Trade Movement” (Advisor)

Tiffany Hall (Honours) “Conflict and Consumption” (Advisor)

Danielle Carriere (Honours) “Oil and Gas Regulation: A comparative analysis of Norway and Alberta” (Advisor)

Ivar Palmason (Honours) “Social Capital and Community Gardening” (Advisor)


My research focuses on the relationships between human societies and nature. I have primarily been interested in the ways in which capitalism, as a globalizing, dominant mode of production, structures human relationships with the natural world. This includes research on issues normally characterized as ‘environmental,’ such as oil sands extraction, climate change, and forest management, but my research also pushes into the broader question of how the organization of production and distribution through the primary mechanism of markets affects the sustainability of human relationships with the non-human.



Hudson, Mark, Hudson, Ian, and Fridell, Mara (2013). Fair Trade, Sustainability, and Social Justice. Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy Series. 225 pp.

Hudson, Mark (2011). Fire Management in the American West: Forest politics and the rise of megafires. Boulder: University Press of Colorado. 214 pp.

Peer Reviewed Articles:

Bowness, Evan, and Hudson, Mark. (2014) “Sand in the Cogs? Public Participation and the Treadmill of Production in Alberta’s Oil Sands.” Environmental Politics 23 (1), 59-76.

Hudson, Mark, Hudson, Ian, and Edgerton, Jason E. (2013) “Political Consumerism in Context: An Experiment on Status and Information in Ethical Consumption Decisions.” American Journal of Economics and Sociology.

Fridell, Mara, Hudson, Ian, and Hudson, Mark (2008). “With Friends Like These…: The Corporate Response to Fair Trade Coffee.” Review of Radical Political Economics 40(1): 8-34.

Hudson, Mark and Hudson, Ian (2004). “Justice, Sustainability, and Relations of Production: A Case Study of Fair Trade Coffee Production in Chiapas, Mexico,” in Social Justice 31(3): 130-146.

Hudson, Ian and Hudson, Mark (2003). “Removing the Veil? Commodity Fetishism, Fair Trade, and the Environment,” in Organization and Environment 16(4): 413-440.

Hudson, Mark. (2002). “Branches for Roots: Recalling the Context of Environmental Management,” in Environments 30(3): 21-36.

Public Sociology

Hudson, M., and Bowness, E. (2014). Directly and Adversely Affected: Public Participation in Tar Sands Development, 2005-2014. Parkland Institute factsheet

An interview with Alberta Primetime on “Directly and Adversely Affected” can be found here:

Manitoba Institute for Policy Research, Café Politique: Canada’s Role in International Climate Change. Video available here:

Hudson, M., Hudson, I., and Edgerton, J.D. (2012). Fostering Community Economic Development with Ethical Consumption: An Experiment Using Fair Trade Coffee. Winnipeg: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba Office.

Hudson, M. (2012). The Weight of the One Percent: Environmental costs of inequality. CCPA Monitor. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Hudson, M. (2011). The Combustible West: Fire Management and Forest Politics in the Early 20th Century. Berfrois [online:]

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