Cheryl Nicholson: M.A. Sociology, 2008

Thesis Supervisor

Dr. Russell Smandych

M.A. Thesis Committee

Dr. Rodney Kueneman and Dr. Don Fuchs (Social Work)

Thesis Title

Personal and Educational Experiences of Post-Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities

Other Degrees

B.A. (Adv.) Psychology with Sociology Minor in 2000 at the University of Manitoba

Area of Interest

  • Research into the best practices and strategies for literacy and academic interventions to promote educational success for students impacted by Learning Disabilities (LD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Finding positive ways to intervene that are student centred and promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, and learner self-awareness.

Current Position

I am in private practice at Learning Discovery a company I started in 2008 to help students who face barriers to literacy development and academic success. I work with younger children who struggle with developing literacy skills at age and grade appropriate levels. I provide programming for teens that struggle with literacy development, time management and organization, reading to learn and written school assignments to improve grades and promote high school completion. I also work with university students who face barriers to academic success focusing on completing assignments, time management, study skills, mnemonic memory strategies, and test taking preparation. I find working with students and seeing student successes inspirational. Please refer to for additional information. 

Relevance of Degree

The relevance of my degrees to current areas of interest and position are enormous. Knowledge gained in the areas of study I focused on during both my undergraduate and graduate degrees centered on cognitive skills, child and adolescent development, linguistics, mental health, criminology, educational sociology, quantitative and qualitative research methodology and social equality has been incorporated into my current private practice for working directly with students.

The knowledge I gained during my studies has lead me to be able to develop appropriate research-based programming for students who experience barriers to learning for academic success. Interventions move beyond focusing on a specific area of learning to incorporate learner self-awareness for lifelong learning success. It is through the knowledge gained in my undergraduate and graduate studies that have enabled me to develop programming within my practice to help students of all ages succeed.