Dr. Jennifer Dengate: M.A. Sociology, 2009

Thesis Supervisor

Dr. Tracey Peter

M.A. Thesis Committee

Dr. Lance Roberts and Dr. Robert Renaud (Faculty of Education)

Other Degrees

B.A. (Hon.) Sociology in 2007 at the University of Manitoba

Ph.D. (Sociology) in 2017 at the University of British Columbia

Area of Interest

Mental Health and Well-Being

Current Position

I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Manitoba working with the Department of Soil Science and Department of Sociology. Through an online cross-sectional workplace experiences survey, we are investigating the persistence and extent of gender inequality amongst natural science and engineering faculty within Canadian academia.

Relevance of Degree

Completing my first two degrees in the Department of Sociology at U of M gave me an excellent foundation from which to begin my doctoral studies at UBC. I entered the program already well-prepared in theory and methods. Moreover, the culture of the Department taught me the importance of respect and collegiality amongst peers and between students and faculty. As a result, I also began my Ph.D. with the right focus and attitude, which was invaluable.

In addition, the training I received in research methods (in class and as a research assistant) has been essential to every one of my jobs since graduating from U of M in 2009. Understanding how to design and execute both qualitative and quantitative projects has allowed me to work for a private research firm conducting evaluations; instruct undergraduate survey methods courses at both the U of M and UBC; and, in my current role, analyze the faculty survey data to better understand university faculty experiences.