Research Experience, Funding and Awards

Get Psyched!

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology, it is a good idea to get research experience as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this: volunteer as a research assistant, get paid to be a research assistant, or apply for research funding.

Research Assistant Experience

-    Volunteer research positions. Anyone who is in their second year in Psychology is read to volunteer. The best way to go about this is to look at the most up-to-date research interests of the Faculty and Adjuncts which are listed on the Psychology Faculty page and find someone whose research is of interest to you. Then, contact the individual and ask if they have any volunteer positions available. Some research assistant positions are posted on the bulletin board outside room P424 Duff Roblin.

-    Paid research positions.  Paid positions typically require you to have had some research experience, so most individuals will have already volunteered as a research assistant. Paid research assistant positions are posted on the bulletin board outside room P424 Duff Roblin.

Research Funding

Research funding is very competitive and decisions are typically based on two components – your GPA and your research proposal. For each award, you are responsible for finding a Psychology faculty member willing to supervise your research.

-    Psychology Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) Awards. During each competition, a limited number of awards of $6,000 each will be allocated to undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year of an Honours program in Psychology. Funding will be provided for 4 months of full-time employment in the Spring Competition (February) and 6 months of part-time employment in the Fall Competition (September). See PURE for more information.

-    University of Manitoba Undergraduate Research Awards (URA). This award provides you with an exciting opportunity to compete for 1 of up to 80 awards; to be mentored with a professor of your choice for 16 weeks, to receive $6000, and to gain valuable experience in your field of interest. More information and the URA application forms can be found online at URA and are typically due in Mid-February.

-    NSERC URA. These awards are granted on a competitive basis to any student who hopes to gain research experience working under the supervision of an NSERC-funded researcher. The competition is typically announced in January.

-    SPUR. The Society for and Personality and Social Psychology  provide research awards to under-represented ethnic minority groups to gain research experience in the United States during the summer. For more information see SPUR

Research Awards

-    Ten Have Award.  The Ten Have Award is awarded annually to the student in 4th year honours whose thesis was judged to be the most outstanding that year.  The decision is based on the the originality of the research, the quality of the data analysis, the insightfulness in the interpretation of the results, the quality of the written thesis, and the student's independence conducting the research. The award is named after Bill Ten Have, Ph.D., a former graduate student and Department lecturer, who died prematurely in an automobile accident.

-    CPA Certificates of Academic Excellence. The Canadian Psychological Association awards certificates to students nominated for the quality of their honours theses.