Teleconferencing Information
The Department of Psychology has a Polycom device available for the purpose of teleconferencing.  Reservations can be made through the General Office. 

Teleconferencing is only possible using the active data/voice ports designated with a blue sticker.  P412 has active Data/Voice ports on the South wall near the board room table and on the west wall near the projector screen. P519 has an active data port in the East side cubby which is connected to the laptop in the room.

Students wishing to use their personal laptops can get connected to the internet using the login port at the front of P412. In P519, login ports can be found in the West side cubby and on North and South walls. Login ports can be used for web conferencing software if necessary and are marked with a yellow sticker.

Finally, Wireless access points are available in both P412 and P519. UofM Faculty and students can connect to the uofm-secure network. Visiting scholars may be able to connect to the eduroam network using their credentials used at their home institution.

It is recommended that wireless not be used for web-conferencing software.

The department has a laptop and webcam available for sign-out from the general office for the purpose of web-conferencing.  Please note that the performance of web-conferencing software (ie. Skype) is highly dependent on both the local and remote connections, and consideration should be made that both parties are operating on high-speed wired connections to ensure reliability. It is recommended that the Polycom unit be used as a backup and remote viewers be provided with any materials necessary to follow along should the teleconferencing connection fail.

Students are responsible for setting up any accounts that may be associated with the web-conferencing software that they choose to use and for ensuring that they can connect with the remote viewer ahead of time. Unfortunately, the Department of Psychology IT staff are very busy and can only respond if there is a problem. Please make every effort to arrive early and test ahead of time to minimize the chance of problems.