University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Department of Psychology - Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
The developmental faculty members have research interests grounded in cognition, linguistics, social psychology and health psychology. We study a broad scope of topics ranging from speech perception in infancy to figurative language comprehension in children and special populations to psychological mindsets in older adults facing health challenges. We use a broad range of research methods to collect data such as presenting infants with language tasks in the lab, recording what children hear at home and in daycares, asking children about puppet shows containing sarcasm, surveying adults about humorous television clips, measuring the physical activity of older adults with objective instruments and interviewing them about their health and how they cope with aging. All of our faculty have a strong track record of obtaining major grant national funding from NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR, as well local sources such as Research Manitoba, allowing us to provide funding for graduate students. Upon completing our program, our graduate students have moved on to successful careers in academic, research, and social policy institutions. Interested prospective graduate students should email individual developmental area faculty members regarding their plans for accepting new graduate students for the next admissions cycle, and to learn more about our program.

Interested students are encouraged to contact faculty members for further information.

Dr. Judith Chipperfield
Dr. Melanie Glenwright
Dr. Melanie Soderstrom

Other faculty members in the Department have developmental interests and research programs with developmental elements:

Dr. Daniel Bailis
Dr. Jonathan Marotta
Dr. Lorna Jakobson
Dr. Garry Martin
Dr. Richard Kruk
Dr. Jim Shapiro
Dr. Jason Leboe Dr. C.T. Yu
Dr. Corey Mackenzie  

Moreover, a number of Department members are affiliated with the Manitoba Institute of Child Health.