Developmental Psychology
Graduate training in Developmental Psychology encompasses a variety of developmental topics within a comprehensive training model at both the Master and doctoral level. Breadth of training is provided by Departmental requirements and by having students take several developmental courses offered by the five developmental faculty. A broad approach to developmental questions is encompassed by the interests and expertise of the core faculty, whose research covers the lifespan and includes both normal and exceptional populations. Students have ample opportunities for contact with faculty from other areas of the Department and can combine a major emphasis in developmental psychology with complementary work in other content areas within the Department. Interested students should contact individual developmental area faculty members regarding their research programs.

Interested students are encouraged to contact faculty members for further information.

Dr. Judith Chipperfield
Dr. Melanie Glenwright
Dr. Warren Eaton Dr. Melanie Soderstrom

Other faculty members in the Department have developmental interests and research programs with developmental elements:

Dr. Daniel Bailis
Dr. Jonathan Marotta
Dr. Lorna Jakobson
Dr. Garry Martin
Dr. Richard Kruk
Dr. Jim Shapiro
Dr. Jason Leboe Dr. C.T. Yu
Dr. Corey Mackenzie  

Moreover, a number of Department members are affiliated with the Manitoba Institute of Child Health.