Vineberg Prize
The Vineberg Research Prize is awarded to a student submitting a published or unpublished research report based on work carried out by the student while registered at the University of Manitoba. A student can make only one submission per competition. Previous award winners of the Vineberg Prize are not eligible in subsequent competitions. By December 1 of each year, The Chair of the Research and Scholarship Committee will call for student submissions for the Vineberg Prize. The deadline for submissions will be January 31st.

The winner or winners (in the case of a tie) will be announced by the Chair of the Research and Scholarship Committee. Submissions must be in the form of journal articles, using the conventions specified by the APA Publication Manual or by a recognized scientific journal. The submission is limited to 35 pages of text (excluding title pages, references, tables, etc.). A submission may have co-authors, but the Vineberg Prize candidate must be the first author and the individual primarily responsible for the project described in the report (e.g., hypotheses, data analyses, writing, etc.).

Each submission will be circulated to three evaluators, two faculty or graduate student members of the Research and Scholarship Committee, and a Department faculty member who is not a member of the Committee. Evaluators will assess each submission based on a 9-point rating scale (1 = poor; 9 = excellent) and may provide written comments about the submissions. The winner will be the highest ranked submission based on the ratings provided by the evaluators. Ties may be declared.

The winner or winners receive a cash payment of the amount of the annual income from the Vineberg bequest which was left by David Vineberg to the University on February 1, 1960. (Approved by Department Council May 24, 1990.)

Past Vineberg Research Prize Recipients:

2019 Sarah Rigby    
2018 Ryan Langridge 1990 L'Oren Janz
2017 Patricia Parker 1989 Gloria Eldridge 
2016 Darren Neufeld 1988 Nancy E. Meyer / Michael E. Saladin
2015 Kathryn Williamson 1987 Kathleen Feldkircher
2014 Kristin Reynolds  1986 Michael Saladin
2013 Dawson Clary  1985 Marcia Pollock
2012 Reneé El-Gabalawy  1984 Doreen Fyda
2011 Natalie Mota  1983 Daryl Gill
2010 Lisa Dreger  1982 Cathy Moser
2009 Jina Pagura  1981 Wenda Dickens
2008 Jady Wong  1980 Gordon Stenhouse
2007 Tara Haynes  1979 James Check
2006 Launa Leboe  1978 Barry Spinner
2005 Annette Gagnon  1977 Barry Spinner/Nina Colwill
2004 Lachlan McWilliams  1976 Dan W. Harper / Alexander Wilson
2003 Katherine Fradette  1975 Philip Abrami
2002 Joelle Ruthig  1974 Terry John Prociuk
2001 Nathan Hall  1973 Theodore Palys
2000 Nancy McKeen  1971 Michael Brosziewski
1999 Michael Lee  1970 Ronald Johnson
1998 Robert Cribbie  1969 Alan Bayer
1997 Darren Campbell  1968 Walter Mostoway
1996 Lorraine Dewiele  1967 Neil Hildebrand
1995 Jonathon Giftakis  1966 Joyce Epstein
1994 Lisa Lix  1965 Dale Willows
1993 Laine Torgrud  1964 Donna Willows
1992 Dieter Schonwetter  1963 Jan Neinrich Bauer
1991 Kimberly Saudino  1962 Marion S. Aftanas
    1961 Alexander Prysianzniuk