The Psychology Alumni Faculty Fellowship
The Psychology Alumni Faculty Fellowship is an endowment fund established by the alumni and faculty of the Department of Psychology to support an annual graduate fellowship at the University of Manitoba. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative has made a contribution to this fund. The fellowship is intended to support an incoming graduate student for the first year of graduate study in Psychology. The amount of the award is up to 70 percent of the annual interest generated by the fund. The award is a one-year, non-renewable award and is intended for students in their first year of study in Psychology, whether it be in the Pre-Master’s, Masters, or Ph.D. program. Normally, no student may hold the award more than once. The fellowship shall be awarded to the student with the highest GPA, as calculated for admission purposes. The selection committee for the award shall be the Graduate Admissions and Financial Support Committee of the Department of Psychology. This fellowship was established in May of 1996.

Past Award Recipients:

2019: Erica Sharanowski
2018: Jordana Sommer
2017: Jacquelyn Klassen
2016: Diana Sader
2015: Michelle Ward
2014: Erin Buckels
2013: Roxanne Boily
2012: Benjamin Schellenberg
2011: Clove Haviva
2010: Quinn Senkow
2009: Alejandra Zaragoza
2008: Natalie Mota
2007: Marc Wallace
2006: Lori Doan
2005: Anna Shnayder
2004: Chantal MacDonald
2003: Jo Ann Unger
2002: Rene Hiebert
2001: Nicole Mendarozqueta
2000: Cheryl Harasymchuk
1999: Amy Anderson
1998: Lisa Wright
1997: Lisa Wilcox
1996: Shelley Goldberg
1995: Maria Munick