The Marion and Morgan Wright Clinical Psychology Award
The Marion and Morgan Wright Clinical Psychology Award is awarded to a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. To mark the retirement of Morgan W. Wright after a long and distinguished career, his colleagues and friends have established an award fund at the University of Manitoba. From the fund an annual prize of $100 will be available, effective in May of 1987, to a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology who has completed at least four practica but has not yet completed the graduation requirements. If either or both of (a) earnings on and (b) further contributions to the fund permit, the value of the prize will be increased. The selection committee for this prize will be named by, and will include, the Director of the Psychological Service Centre. This award was established in June of 1987 and revised by Senate in January of 2003.

Past Award Recipients:

2017: Katherine Kenyon
2016: Kylee Clayton
2015: Maia Kredentser
2014: Damien Dowd
2013: Darren Neufeld
2012: Ryan Nicholson
2011: Karen O’Brien
2010: Gabriel Schnerch
2009: Megan Vokey
2008: Chris Tysiaczny
2007: Jennifer Volk
2006: Leanne Mak
2005: Amber Hills
2004: Matthew Decter
2003: Amy Anderson
2002: Al-Noor Mawani
2001: Donna Gamble
2000: Jennifer Garinger
1999: Karina O’Brien
1998: Susan Buchanan
1997: Robert Santos
1996: Carrie Lionberg
1995: Norah Vincent
1994: Jackie Walker
1993: Sharon Cairns
1992: Laine Torgrud
1991: D. Gilman
1990: Harold Wallbridge