Department Head: 

Royce Koop (PhD British Columbia)
Associate Professor
531 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8949

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests: Political Parties; Representation; Municipal Politics; Federalism.


Réal Carrière (PhD Ryerson)
Assistant Professor
518 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-6526

Field: Canadian Politics
Interests: Indigenous Governance, Indigenous Knowledge

Andrea Charron (PhD Royal Military College of Canada)
Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Defence and Security Studies
348 University College
(204) 474-9834

Field:International Relations
Interests: UN Security Council, sanctions, Article 41 measures, use of force, security studies, Arctic, Canadian foreign and defence policy, international relations, NORAD and alliances.

(On Leave until January 2020)

Radhika Desai (PhD Queen's)
451 University College
(204) 474-9818
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Field:Comparative Politics, Political Economy
Interests: International/Global Political Economy; Politics of Development; British Politics; Politics of India; Marxism; Globalization; Emerging Economies; Nationalism; Culture and Ideology; Neoliberalism; Heterodox Economic Theories, Cultural Economics.

James Fergusson (PhD British Columbia)
Deputy-Director, Centre of Defence and Securities Studies
351 University College
(204) 474-6606

Field:International Relations
Interests: Strategic Studies; Methodology and Statistical Studies on Voting Behaviour; American Government.

Sarah Hannan (DPhil Oxford) 
Assistant Professor
520 Fletcher Argue
(204) 480-1460

Field:Contemporary Political Philosophy
Interests: Children's Rights; Morality of Procreation; Familial Justice; Autonomy; Educational Equality

(On Leave until March 2020)

Tami Jacoby (PhD York)
Associate Professor
521 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-7108

Field:International Relations
Interests: Security Studies; Middle East and Gender; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Politics of Protest; Extremism; Terrorism and Political Violence; Middle East Diaspora studies

Royce Koop (PhD British Columbia)
Associate Professor, Dept Head 
531 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8949

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests: Political Parties; Representation; Municipal Politics; Federalism.

Kiera Ladner (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Chair
524 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-6349

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests:Indigenous Politics and Government; Decolonization.

Steven Lecce (PhD Western Ontario)
Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Arts
523 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-7850

Field: Contemporary Political Theory
Interests: Theories of Social and Distributive Justice; The Ethical Bases of Liberalism; Democratic Theory; Children, Families, and the State.

Karine Levasseur (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, MPA Chair
(204) 474-6410

Field:Public Administration
Interests: State-civil society relations; collaborative governance; public policy analysis with an emphasis on policy instruments, social policy and labour market policy.

Bryan Peeler (PhD UBC)
Instructor II
527 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 272-1586
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Field: International Relations
Interests: Politics of International Law; Use of force in the international System; Compliance with International Humanitarian law; International Order; International Relations Theory

 Andrea Rounce  (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, MA Chair
529 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8546

Field:Public Administration
Interests: Governance, Public Management and Public Policy Analysis including governance within public institutions.