University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Political Studies - Faculty

Department Head: 

Royce Koop (PhD British Columbia)
Associate Professor
531 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8949

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests: Political Parties; Representation; Municipal Politics; Federalism.


Real Carriere
518 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-6526

Field: Canadian Politics
Interests: Indigenous Governance, Indigenous Knowledge

Andrea Charron (PhD Royal Military College of Canada)
Associate Professor
Director, Centre for Defence and Security Studies
348 University College
(204) 474-9834

Field:International Relations
Interests: UN Security Council, sanctions, Article 41 measures, use of force, security studies, Arctic, Canadian foreign and defence policy, international relations.

Radhika Desai (PhD Queen's)
451 University College
(204) 474-9818
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Field:Comparative Politics, Political Economy
Interests: International/Global Political Economy; Politics of Development; British Politics; Politics of India; Marxism; Globalization; Emerging Economies; Nationalism; Culture and Ideology; Neoliberalism; Heterodox Economic Theories, Cultural Economics.

James Fergusson (PhD British Columbia)
Deputy-Director, Centre of Defence and Securities Studies
351 University College
(204) 474-6606 

Field:International Relations
Interests: Strategic Studies; Methodology and Statistical Studies on Voting Behaviour; American Government.

Sarah Hannan (DPhil Oxford) 
Assistant Professor
520 Fletcher Argue
(204) 480-1460

Field:Contemporary Political Philosophy
Interests: Children's Rights; Morality of Procreation; Familial Justice; Autonomy; Educational Equality

Tami Jacoby (PhD York)
Associate Professor
521 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-7108 

Field:International Relations
Interests: Security Studies; Middle East and Gender; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Politics of Protest; Extremism; Terrorism and Political Violence; Middle East Diaspora studies

Royce Koop (PhD British Columbia)
Associate Professor, Dept Head 
531 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8949

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests: Political Parties; Representation; Municipal Politics; Federalism.

Kiera Ladner (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Chair
524 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-6349

Field:Canadian Politics
Interests:Indigenous Politics and Government; Decolonization.

Steven Lecce (PhD Western Ontario)
Associate Professor
Associate Dean of Arts
523 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-7850

Field: Contemporary Political Theory
Interests: Theories of Social and Distributive Justice; The Ethical Bases of Liberalism; Democratic Theory; Children, Families, and the State.

Karine Levasseur (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, MPA Chair
528 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-6410

Field:Public Administration
Interests: State-civil society relations; collaborative governance; public
policy analysis with an emphasis on policy instruments,
social policy and labour market policy.

Andrea Rounce  (PhD Carleton)
Associate Professor, MA Chair
529 Fletcher Argue Building
(204) 474-8546

Field:Public Administration
Interests: Governance, Public Management and Public Policy Analysis including governance within public institutions.