Regular Session - Fall 2014 / Winter 2015

The short course outlines below are tentative. The full course outlines will be available at the start of class. All course outlines are in .pdf format.

Aurora                         Course Outline

POLS 1010                 Political Ideas and Ideologies (A01)

POLS 1500                 Introduction to Political Studies (A01)

POLS 2000                 Introduction to comparative Politics (A01)

POLS 2040                 Introduction to International relations (A01)

POLS 2070                 Introduction to Canadian Government (A01)

POLS 2510                 Great Political Thinkers (A01)

POLS 3170                  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freesdoms (A01)

POLS 3200                  International Security and Conflict Management (A01)

POLS 3270                 Theories of the Capitalist World Order (A01)

POLS 3340                 Middle East Politics (A01)

POLS 3470                 Canadian Public Management (A01)

POLS 3510                 20th Century Political Doctrines (A01)

POLS 3520                 Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy (A01)

POLS 3640                 Comparative Defence Policy

POLS 3670                 Canadian Political Parties (A01)

POLS 3720                 Politics, Government and Society in Ukraine (A01)

POLS 3950                 Research Methods in the Study of Politics (A01)

POLS 4080                 Advanced Seminar: Canadian Democray (A01)
                                       taught with POLS 7350

POLS 4140                 Canadian Political Thought (A01)

POLS 4160                 Politics of Development (T01)

POLS 4170                 Comparative Indigenous Politics (A01)

POLS 4180                 Provincial Politics in Canada (A01)

POLS 4190                 Manitoba Politics and Government (A01)
                                      taught with POLS 7300-T02 Manitoba Politics

POLS 4470                  Managing Modern Government (A01)

POLS 4610                 Contemporary Political Theory (A01)

POLS 4660                 The State in the Economy (A01)
                                       taught with  POLS 7290 (T01)

POLS 4860                 Canadian Public Policy Process

POLS 4730                 Strategic Studies (A01)

POLS 7230                 Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Countries

POLS 7300                 Directed Readings in Public Administration: Research Methods (G81)
                                    - ASC students only

POLS 7300                Directed Readings in Public Administration:
                                    Aerospace Industry Structure & Regulation

POLS 7330                State - Civil Society Relations

POLS 7790                International Relations Theory (A01)

POLS 7850                Contemporary Strategic and Security Studies (A01)

POLS 7910                Multivariate Research Methods (A01)