Dr. Wanda Wuttunee


BComm (1979) University of Calgary
LLB (1983) University of Calgary
MBA (1989) University of Calgary
PhD (2001) University of Manitoba

Office:  204B Isbister Building
Phone: (204) 474-6405
Fax:     (204) 474-7657
Email:  wwuttun@cc.umanitoba.ca

Wanda in the north


Dr. Wanda Wuttunee: Dr. Wuttunee's research interests include Aboriginal economy, community economic development, social responsibility, and particpatory research methodologies. Recently, she has been writing a chapter and case study about the success of the Neechi Foods Co-operative in Winnipeg and is a past co-chair of the Poverty Redecution Research Project through her work with Misipawistik Cree Nations.

Selected Publications
Wuttunee, W (2009) “Aboriginal Perspectives on the Social Economy” in McMurtry, JJ (ed)  Living Economics: Canadian Perspectives on the Social Economy, Co-operatives, and Community Economic Development,  Emond Montgomery Publishers :Toronto.

Wuttunee, W. (2008) "Lessons in Northern Cooperation" in Newhouse, D. Voyager, C. and Beavon, D. Hidden in Plain Sight, volume 2. (In press).

Wuttunee, W. (2007)  “Shattering Misconceptions.” In Dana, L-P,and Anderson, R. (eds.) International Handbook on Indigenous Entrepreneurship. Northhampton, Mass:Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.


Anderson, R. MacAulay, S., Weir, W. and Wuttunee, W. (2007), "Building Aboriginal economic development capacity: The council for the advancement of Native development officers," In A. Fayolle, E., Algar (Eds) Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd: Cheltenham Glostershire UK, p20-23.

Wuttunee, W. (2005) "Making Space: Aboriginal Perspectives of Community Economic Development in Community" in Shragge, E. (Ed.) Economic Development: Building for Social Change (In Press) Calgary: Broadview Press.

 Wuttunee, W. (2004) Living rhythms: Lessons in Aboriginal economic resilience and vision. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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