Native Studies Orientation


Every semester, offices across the U of M offer orientation to both new and returning graduate students. It is important that all Native Studies grad students attend all orientations to ensure full preparedness for the academic journey.

Department of Native Studies Graduate Student Orientation:
To help familiarize students with services offered by the department of Native Studies presentations this Orientation includes an Overview of:

  • Department space, keys, desk/office
  • Department Staff and Faculty
  • Services Specific to the Department
  • Department Deadlines (Financial Aid, Awards, Travel Grants, Endowment Fund, Progress Report etc.)
  • Department Specific Financial Aids and Awards
  • The UMNATV Colloquium
  • Job Opportunities (Research Assistant, Teaching Assistants, work within the Department, publishing in the Newsletter, etc.)
  • Networking
  • Who to contact in the department to get assistance or advice

University of Manitoba Graduate Students Association Orientation:
The UMGSA offers an overview of all services available to graduate students at the U of M in an easy and digestible manner, including services offered by:

  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Student Life (e.g. Peers)
  • Career Services
  • Student Counseling
  • Academic Learning Centre
  • Libraries
  • The Registrar’s Office
  • Health and Dental Services
  • University Financial Aids and Awards
  • Student Advocacy and Accessibility
  • Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • CUPE 3909 (Union for TAs, tutors, lecturers/ instructors, grader/ markers)
  • Recreation Services and Bison Sport
  • Human Rights and Advisory Services
  • Alumni Association
  • Additional resources provided at UMGSA orientation include:
    • Social networking
    • Student Planners and Calendars
    • Student Guide and Academic Guides
    • Food and beverages

For more information on the GSA Orientation, please contact GSA at 221 University Centre or phone: 204-474-9181. E-mail: