Dates & Deadlines

When is the application for admission due?

The department has set the application deadline for all students (Canadian, US, and international) on January 15th of any given year.

How will I be informed about my admission?

The Graduate Committee Chair will inform you of the committee's decision once one has been made, via the email address provided in your application form. The committee's decision is also forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, who will formally inform you of the decision (only the Faculty of Graduate Studies can grant admission to the graduate program) by email.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will not act until:

  1. it receives the recommendation of the department's committee
  2. it has received and verified all required documents in your application
  3. it has evaluated the acceptability of your credentials

This process rarely takes less than 8 weeks for regular applicants, and longer if FGS requires consultation with the department on any matter (as may occur, for instance, with marginal grade point averages, unverifiable or missing documents, etc.)

Please note that admission (or not) to a graduate program at the University of Manitoba is entirely decided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Grad chair will inform of committee's recommendations to FGS - but FGS only can officially admit applicants.

When would my program begin?

Graduate programs in Linguistics begin in September (fall term) only. Classes usually begin the Wednesday after the first Monday of September.

Your study program is not decided until late August, and your supervisor will contact you to discuss your coursework. The department administrator will be responsible for registration for all graduate students.

In exceptional cases, deferrals are possible, with permission from the Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Please be aware that housing in Winnipeg can be very difficult to arrange, and adjusting to the local culture, and the culture of graduate study, can be challenging. Leave yourself plenty of time to make the transition so the beginning of classes don't become too overwhelming.