Jila Ghomeshi


Degrees / areas of specialization

MA/PhD University of Toronto
BA, York University

Areas of specialization: data-driven formal syntax, syntax-morphology interface, syntax-pragmatics interface, Persian syntax

Research Interests

the syntax of noun phrases and nominalization
the syntax of grammaticalization
reduplication in syntax
number marking 


Fall 2017
LING 3120 Syntactic Theory
LING 7630 Syntax

Winter 2018
LING 1340 Semantics
LING 2600 Verbal Art 


Recipient of the National Achievement Award 2014 from the Canadian Linguistic Association (presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association, May 24-26, 2014, Brock University)

Recent publications

Ghomeshi, Jila (2013) "The Syntax of Pragmaticalization," in the Proceedings of the 2013 conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association.

Co-edited book:

Ghomeshi, Jila, Carina Jahani & Agnes Lenepreu-Holtz (2016) Further Topics in Iranian Linguistics, Peeters Publishers, Cashiers de Studia Iranica series, volume 58, Leuren, Belgium.

Ghomeshi, Jila, Ileana Paul & Martina Wiltschko (2009) Determiners: Universals and variation, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Linguistik  Aktuell/Linguistics Today series Volume 147, Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

Slim book for general public:

Ghomeshi, Jila (2010) Grammar Matters: The social significance of how we use language, Arbeiter Ring Press, Semaphore Series, Winnipeg.

Refereed book chapters:

Ghomeshi, Jila & Diane Massam (2009) “The Proper D connection,” in Determiners: Universals and variation, Jila Ghomeshi, Ileana Paul, and Martina Wiltschko (eds), John Benjamins Publishing Company, Linguistik  Aktuell/Linguistics Today series Volume 147, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, pp. 67-95.

Ghomeshi, Jila (2008) “Markedness and Bare Nouns in Persian,” in Aspects of Iranian Linguistics, Simin Karimi, Vida Samiian, and Donald Stylo (eds), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 85-111.

Recent conference presentations and invited colloquia

Ghomeshi, Jila (2014) "Who are we talking to when we talk to 'the public' about linguistics? invited plenary talk at the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association, Brock University.

Esmaeili, S., J. Ghomeshi and K. Hamidzadeh (2013) "The syntax of grammaticalization and pragmaticalization: The colloquial uses of two Persian morphemes," paper presented at the Fifth International Conference on Iranian Linguistics, University of Bamberg

Ghomeshi, Jila (2013) “The syntax of pragmaticalization,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association, University of Victoria, June 3, 2013.

Ghomeshi, Jila (2012) “Low and high nominalizing heads: Evidence from word order,” Invited talk given at the Western Nominalization Workshop, University of Western Ontario, May 29, 2012.

Ghomeshi, Jila (2012) “Up, up, and away: the syntax of Grammaticalization,” University of Calgary, Department of Linguistics Colloquium Series, April 13, 2012.

Ghomeshi, Jila (2011) “Perspectives on the Ezafe Construction,” University of Manitoba Linguistics Colloquium, December 2, 2011.

Ghomeshi, Jila (2011) “The Ezafe Construction: A retrospective,” Invited talk given at the Workshop on Nominal Dependents, Banff, Alberta, May 8, 2010.

Graduate supervision

I am currently the advisor to the following students:

Amani Makkawi, Ph.D. 
Hanadi Azhari, Ph.D.

Students I have supervised in the past:

Amani Makkawi, M.A. Participles as Non-Predicates (2015)
Yifan Liu, M.A. Body Part Measures in Mandarin Chinese (2014)
Gina Loewen, M.A. The Syntactic Structure of Noun Phrases in Indonesian (2011)
Saeed Ghaniabadi, Ph.D. The Empty Noun Construction in Persian (2010)
Gabriela Alboiu, Ph.D., The Features of Movement in Romanian (2000)
Mike Barrie, M.A., Clitic Placement and verb movement in European Portuguese (2000) [with Charlotte Reinholtz]

Generals papers I have supervised in the past:

Hanadi Azhari, "Passive Voice and related structures: Analysis of ʔan-syncretism in Arabic" (2016)
Saeed Ghaniabadi, “Noun ellipsis and plural marking in Persian” (2006)
Nima Sadat Tehrani, “The Indifference Ke Construction in Modern Persian” (2004)