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Graduate degrees awarded

This list is of degrees were awarded by the Department of Linguistics. It does not include those technically awarded in Anthropology (prior to the Department's formation in 1984), interdisciplinary degrees, or other linguistics-related theses directed by faculty outside the department. (Note to alumni--if you'd like us to link to your current e-mail or web presence, please let us know.)


Year Author Title Advisor
2017 Meera SAHAWNEH Probes and Pronouns: Variation in Agreement and Clitic Doubling in Arabic Oxford
2017     Moh'd AL-OMARI Topics in Arabic Auditory Word Recognition: Effects of Morphing and Diglossia Russell
2017     Zeyad AL-DAHER     Pseudo Wh-Fronting: A Diagnosis of Wh-Construction in Jordanian Arabic Oxford
2016     Mutasim AL-DEAIBES The phonetics and phonology of assimilation and gemination in Rural Jordanian Arabic Rosen
2015 Jesse STEWART Production and perception of stop consonants in Spanish, Quichua, and Media Lengua
2010 Saeed GHANIABADI The Empty Noun Construction in Persian
2010 Charles JULIAN
A history of the Iroquoian languages
2009 Judith YOEL Canada's Maritime Sign Language Janzen
2009 LIU Linjun A cognitive-functional approach to Topic constructions in Beijing Madarin Janzen
2008 Nima SADAT-TEHRANI The intonational grammar of Persian Russell
2004 Carl WHITEHEAD A reference grammar of Menya, an Angan language of Papua New Guinea MacDonald
2000 Gabriela ALBIOU The features of movement in Romanian Ghomeshi
1996 FU Michelle Mengsong An analysis of clause linkage in Mandarin Chinese MacDonald
1994 LUO Cheng The accessibility hierarchy and clefting Haiman
1992 XIAO Hong Chinese language maintenance in Winnipeg Nahir
1991 Zita McROBBIE An acoustic analysis of duration in Skolt Saami disyllables Carter
1985 Lorna A MacDONALD A grammar of Tauya Haiman


Year Author Title Advisor
2016 Dareth HAWES The Interaction Between Surrogates and Tokens in American Sign Language Janzen
2016 Yadong XU    Feature Competition in Algonquian Agreement Oxford
2015 Flavia STOCCO GARCIA The use of third person accusative pronouns in spoken Brazilian Portuguese:  An analysis of different TV genres Louriero-Rodriguez
2014 Amani MAKKAWI  Participles as Non-Verbal Predicates Ghomeshi
2014 Yifan LIU Body Part Measures in Mandarin Chinese Ghomeshi
2014     Mohammed ALLUHAYBI The correlation between negative strategies and basic word order MacDonald
2014 Kathleen STRADER Michif Determiner Phrases         Pentland
2014 Kheshayar HAMIDZADEH  Reduplication in Paraguayan Guarani: A descriptive account Russell
2013       Mahdi RAHIMIAN Communication accommodation theory in conversation with second language learners Hagiwara
2013    Hoda ZARE         The relationship between lexical and grammatical development in typical and brain-damaged children MacDonald
2011 Jesse STEWART A brief descriptive grammar of Pijal Medial Lengua and an acoustic vowel space analysis of Pijal Media Lengua and Imbabura Quichua Russell
2011 Adam TALLMAN Acoustic correlates of lenis and fortis stops in Manitoba Saulteaux Russell
2011 Gina LOEWEN The syntactic structure of Noun Phrases in Indonesian Ghomeshi
2010 D Sky ONOSSON Canadian Raising in Manitoba: Acoustic effects of articulatory phasing and lexical frequency Hagiwara
2009 Kana SUZUKI Phonological interaction between L1 Japanese and L2 English vowels Hagiwara
2005 Chris HARVEY Sound change in Old Montagnais Pentland
2004 Jae Hee BAK Optional case marking of the possessor in Korean: A study of double accusative marking Russell
2004 Dawn DUBOIS A linguistic analysis of the structure of an Ojibwe legal glossary Nichols
2003 Teresa MELNYCHUK Diminutive Consonant Harmony in several dialects of Cree Russell
2002 John BRAICO Looking for the right words: Optimal Noun Phrases in syntax and discourse Russell
2001 Gayle McINTYRE Native language policy and planning in Quebec Nahir
2001 Kim D Grenier MINTENKO eh-ani-pahkaanikiishweyank: Approaching language change in Anihshininiimowin Nichols
2001 Lisa M McLEAN A Passive to Inverse reanalysis in Cree Pentland
2000 Holly GUSTAFSON A grammar of the Nipmuck language Pentland
2000 Michael BARRIE Clitic placement and verb movement in European Portuguese Reinholtz and Ghomeshi
1999 Michelle A LONG Adverbial and argument-doubling clauses in Cree Reinholtz
1998 Christian ARTUSO Noogom gaa-izhi-anishinaabemonaaniwag: Generational differences in Algonquin Nichols
1997 Verna STUTZMAN A study of the Luo verb phrase MacDonald
1996 Carine Yuk Man YIU Definite plurals and tense-chains in Cantonese Reinholtz
1995 Terence JANZEN The polygrammaticalisation of FINISH in American Sign Language MacDonald
1991 Arden C OGG Connective particles and temporal cohesion in Plains Cree narrative Wolfart
1991 Arok WOLVENGREY Focus-marking in Anlo Ewe grammar MacDonald
1989 Eleanor M BLAIN The Bungee dialect of the Red River Settlement Wolfart
1986 Carl WHITEHEAD Tense, aspect, mood and modality: Verbal morphology in Menya Carter
1985 Jennifer M GREENSMITH Phonological variants in Pukatawagan Woods Cree Wolfart
1984 Freda AHENAKEW Text-based grammar in Cree language education Wolfart