Graduate Calendar

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This page is intended to help you navigate the course calendar, which is now accessed through Aurora Student.

The following courses are listed in the University of Manitoba's Graduate Calendar.  The typical graduate program in our department includes 18-24 ch of courses, and is assigned to suit each student's interests by the Graduate Committee. Graduate programs almost always include LING 7550 Phonology (3 ch), LING 7590 Field Methods (6 ch), and LING 7630 Syntax (3 ch).

All courses are 3 ch (one term) unless otherwise indicated. Courses with 'variable content' may be repeated for credit with different topics.

Course ID  Title Notes
LING 7500 Linguistic Variation and Change  
LING 7510 Linguistic Typology  
LING 7520 Mathematical Linguistics  
LING 7550 Phonology required
LING 7570 Semantic Theory  
LING 7580 Computational Linguistics  
LING 7590 Field Methods 6 ch; variable content; required
LING 7600 Seminar in Linguistic Theory  
LING 7620 Seminar in North American Indian Languages  
LING 7630 Syntax required
LING 7920 Special Problems in Linguistic Research variable content
LING 7940 Graduate Reading and Research 1 variable content
LING 7950 Graduate Reading and Research 2 variable content