Student Awards


In memory of Charles Biesick, longtime editor of the Manitoba Commonwealth, his friends and associates, have established an award fund at The University of Manitoba.

From this fund, effective with the spring series of examinations 1985, an annual award will be available to a student who has completed with high standing at least two courses in the Labour Studies Program and who proceeds in the next ensuing academic year with any of (a) general major, (b) advance major, or (c) minor in Labour Studies.  In the initial year of award, its value will be $500.  If either or both of earnings on, or additions to, the fund permit, the value of the award will be increased in subsequent years.



The Wind-Up Committee of the People's Co-operative Limited has established a fund at the Winnipeg Foundation which will support an annual award at the University of Manitoba, valued initially at $250.  The purpose of this fund is to encourage and reward interest and excellence in progressive labour studies, including co-operatives.  This fund was established by the People's Co-operative Limited (1928-1992) as a legacy to the Co-operatives immigrant founders, who saw education as an important aim of the People's Co-op.

The $250 award shall be offered each year (first in 2001) to an undergraduate student who:

1.  has selected either a General Major or the Advanced major program in Labour Studies in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Manitoba and has successfully completed at last 9 credit hours in courses leading toward this degree (can be full- or part-time student);

2.  has demonstrated proficiency in and commitment to progressive labour studies.