University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Labour Studies - Julie Guard
Julie Guard

Ph.D., 1994, University of Toronto/OISE
M.E.S., 1987, York University
B.A., 1978, University of Western Ontario

Research Interests:

Labour and social movement history, left history, women's history, the new economy, union organizing, call centres, unions and race, gender and ethnicity

Teaching Areas:

Labour union, social movements, community and labour organizing, public policy, social justice, globalization, labour relations, research methods, community field placements

Articles in Journals:

2012  with D'Arcy Martin, Laurie McGauley, Mercedes Steedman, and Jorge Garcia-Orgales.  "Art as Activism:  Empowering Workers and Reviving Unions through Popular Theatre."  Labor Studies Journal volume 37 issue 2 (June):  163-182.  DO1 10.1177/0160449X11431895

2010 "A Mighty Power against the Cost of Living:  Canadian Housewives Organize in the 1930s."  International Labor and Working-Class History  (spring), vol. 77, no.  1:  27-47.

2007   with Mercedes Steedman and Jorge Garcia-Orgales. “Organizing the Electronic Sweatshop: Rank-and-File Participation in Canada’s Steel Union,” LABOR: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, volume 4, issue 3 (fall): 9-31.

2004  "Making the Scholarship Political: Ruth Roach Pierson’s Feminist Pedagogy.” Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal, special issue two: 68-71.

2004  “Authenticity on the Line: Women Workers, Native ‘Scabs,’ and the Multi-Ethnic Politics of Identity in a Left-led Strike in Cold War Canada.” Journal of Women's History, special issue on Women's Labors, vol. 15 no. 4 (winter): 117-140.

1996. "Fair Play or Fair Pay? Gender Relations, Class Consciousness, and Union Solidarity in the Canadian UE, 1949 to 1955." Labour/le travail 37 (Spring): 149-177. (awarded Hilda Neatby Prize, 1997).

Edited Books:

2009  with Wayne Antony. Bankruptcies and Bailouts, Halifax and Winnipeg: Fernwood Publishing.

Chapters in Books:

2012 "The Politics of Milk:  Canadian Housewives Organize in the 1930s."  In Edible Histories, Cultural Politics:  Towards a Canadian Food History.  Eds. Franca Iacovetta, Valerie j. Korinek and Marlene Epp.  University of Toronto Press:  271-85.

2007  “Can Call Centres Contribute to Manitoba’s Community Economic Development?”   John Loxley, Jim Silver and Kathleen Sexsmith, eds. Doing Community Economic Development. Halifax and Winnipeg: Fernwood/Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 123-135.

2006   with Jorge Garcia-Orgales, Mercedes Steedman, and D’Arcy Martin. "Organizing Call Centres: The Steelworkers' Experience." In Pradeep Kumar and Christopher Schenk, eds. Paths to Union Renewal: Canadian Experiences.  Toronto: Broadview Press: 277-292.

2004  "Canadian Citizens or Dangerous Foreign Women? Canada's Radical Consumer Movement, 1947-1950." In Marlene Epp, Franca Iacovetta and Frances Swyripa, eds., Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press: 161-189.

2000  "Women Worth Watching: Radical Housewives in Cold War Canada." In D. Buse, G. Kinsman, and M. Steedman, eds., Whose National Security? Canadian State Surveillance and the Creation of Enemies. Toronto: Between the Lines: 73-88.

1996  “Womanly Innocence and Manly Self-Respect: Gendered Challenges to Labour’s Postwar Compromise.” In Cy Gonick, Paul Phillips, and Jesse Vorst, eds., Labour Gains, Labour Pains: Fifty Years of PC 1003.  Winnipeg: Society for Socialist Studies: 119-137.

1990  "Dealing with Difference: Power in the New Feminist Historiography." In S. Kirby, D. Daniels, K. McKenna, and M. Pujol, eds., Women Change the Academy/Les femmes changeant l'academie: The Proceedings of the 1990 CWSA Conference.  Winnipeg, Manitoba: Sororal Publishing: 135-141.

Electronic Publications:

with Rachel Gotthilf, Rachel Heinrichs, Brian Latour, Kyle Mytruk, Kim Parry, Chris Rigaux and Zachery Saltis. “Fastfacts: Where Does the Money Go? University of Manitoba Senior Administrators Get Big Pay Hikes But Faculty and Staff Morale Remains Low.” 25 October 2007. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

“Training Unemployed Manitobans for Call Centres – A Good Public Investment?” 7 December 2006. Manitoba: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Manitoba’s Call Centre Explosion: A Preliminary Overview. 2003. Toronto: United Steelworkers Canada.

Work in Progress:

“Community Organizing Against Capital: Canada's Radical Consumer Movement, 1930s-1950s.” Book-length work in progress.

“The Politics of Milk: Toronto Housewives Organize in the 1930s,” in Edible Histories, Cultural Politics: Towards a Canadian Food History, Franca Iacovetta, Valerie Korinek and Marlene Epp, eds. (forthcoming)

Non-Refereed and Popular Publications:

 25 October 2007. “Top-Down Bosses Top Up: Executive Pay Raises at U of M Wildly Out of Line with Staff Increases.” View from the West (editorial), Winnipeg Free Press: A15.

With Jorge Garcia-Orgales and Mercedes Steedman. 2006. “Turning Points: Call Centre Workers Organize,” Our Times (August/September): 30-37.

2006  "Canadian Unions: Troubled but Not (Yet) Split."  Labor and Working Class History Association (LAWCHA) Newsletter, no.  4, (February): 9-10.

2002 "Goodbye to All That: The Anti-Terrorism Law and the Erosion of Civil Liberties After 9-11," Manitoba Alternatives, issue 6 vol. 1: 12-15.

1995  A Noble Heritage: Women in Canadian Labour History.  Slide Presentation with Text. Ottawa: Canadian Labour Congress.