University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Institute for the Humanities - Staff

 The Director of the Institute for the Humanities is Dr David Watt.

Dr David Watt is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, Film, and Theatre, and a fellow of St. John's College. His teaching and research interests are connected by his curiosity about books, as well as the people who make them and read them. He is particularly interested in Thomas Hoccleve, a fifteenth-century poet and scribe whose work survives in books that he made himself. He is also keenly interested in the Manuscripts and Rare Books held in the Archives & Special Collections in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library at the University of Manitoba. He has helped to organize several public exhibitions of its holdings and has taught a number of courses focused on the medieval and early modern books held in this unique collection. His main objective as director will be to foster dialogue about the purpose and place of the humanities in the University and the broader community.

Dr Paul Jenkins is the Program Developer/Coordinator & Assistant to the Director.

Please contact the Institute for the Humanities by phone on 204 474 9599, by email at, or visit us in person in 407 Tier Building.

  The Institute for the Humanities Board of Management

The Board of Management of the Institute for the Humanities assists and advises the Director, approves the budget, and selects the research affiliates and clusters.
All members of the Board are faculty members at the University of Manitoba.
The Board of Management meets at least twice a year.


Greg Bak (History)

Mark Hudson (Sociology)

Karin James (German & Slavic)

Serenity Joo (English, Film, & Theatre)

Fabiana Li (Anthropology

Heidi Marx  (Religion)

Jorge Nallim (History)

Jocelyn Thorpe (Women’s & Gender)

Russell Field (Kinesiology & Recreation)

Michelle Honeyford (Education)

Gordon Fitzell (Desautels Faculty of Music)