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Research Affiliates

The Institute for the Humanities normally supports two or three research affiliates. These positions are non-stipendiary. Each affiliate works on the research project outlined in their application to the Institute and is provided with a private office, a computer, library privileges, and a limited subsidy for research expenses. Each affiliate is expected to present a colloquium on their research during or soon after their affiliateship.

The Institute is pleased to welcome its 2017-18 affiliates:

Dr Jessica Herdman (Musicology
Ms Sarah Bezan, Doctoral Candidate, University of Alberta (English
Mr Jason Brown, Doctoral Candidate, University of Toronto (Medieval Studies)
Mr Jon Malek, Doctoral Candidate, Western University (History)

The call for Applicants to the Research Affiliate program for 2017-18 is now closed. 
For details concerning next year's call please contact the Institute at: