UMIH Annual Reports

The constitution of the Institute requires the Director to report annually to the Dean of Arts, the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, and the Vice-President (Research). It is customary for this report to be presented annually at the year-end meeting of the Board of Management. Copies are also distributed on campus to the President, the Associate Deans of Arts, the Institute’s Board of Management, and many supporters who are members of the University of Manitoba community. Off campus, copies are sent to a selection of other Humanities Institutes, and to other friends and supporters. 

UMIH Annual Report 2017-2018

Past UMIH Annual Reports 

Annual Report 2016-2017

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013-2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2010-2011 

Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report 2008-2009 

Annual Report 2007-2008