Futures in the Humanities Series

This series will explore a number of the key challenges and opportunities facing the humanities and humanities scholarship today.   Some of these challenges and opportunities are unique to the humanities while others are a product of broader developments that confront nearly everyone.  We, therefore, feel that it is important to recognize both what is distinctive about the humanities as well as what they have in common with other fields of inquiry.  Consequently, this series incorporates ideas and perspectives from other disciplines, especially the social sciences.  Our main aim is to provide an initial forum for tough-minded reflection and balanced, inclusive conversation on a range of complicated issues that, it is hoped, will carry on across campus and beyond the parameters of this series.

Fall Term

Thursday October 26th
2:30 pm, 306 Tier Building

"PhDs that Work: Finding Success in an Uncertain Job Market"
L. Maren Wood and Jennifer Polk,
founders of Beyond the Professoriate

Does it seem that every other week a new story appears in your social media feed that laments the current state of the job market for PhDs? Often short on statistics but long on scary anecdotes of impoverished adjuncts and exploited post-docs, these news stories do little to provide graduate students with guidance on how to manage their job search. In this keynote presentation, Maren & Jen will:

  • Provide an overview of the history of the academic job market crisis, starting in 1969, bringing a nuanced understanding of how we arrived at our current jobs crisis.
  • Provide the most recent data on the academic job market, and career pathways for PhDs who leave the academy.
  • Success stories of PhDs who now work beyond the professoriate.
  • An overview of the non-faculty job search process, and how it differs from the faculty search and hiring process.

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