Edward Moulton

Senior Scholar


Ph.D., University of London
M.A., Memorial University of Newfoundland
B.A.(Ed.), Memorial University of Newfoundland


Colonialism and nationalism in India from around 1850 to around 1920; Indian nationalist elites and British radicals and socialists; the Indian career of Allan O. Hume, who is best known for his leadership in the organization and early development of the Indian National Congress.


Editor, Allan Octavian Hume, 'Father of the Indian National Congress' 1829-1912: A Biography (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2002).
"The Contributions of Allan O. Hume to the Scientific Advancement of Indian Ornithology", reproduced in Petronia: Fifty Years of Post-Independence Ornithology in India, ed. J. C. Daniel and G. W. Ugra (Bombay natural History Society - New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2003), 295-317.
"The Beginnings of the Theosophical Movement in India, 1879-1885: Conversion and Non-Conversion Experiences" in Religious Conversion Movements in South Asia: Continuities and Change, 1800-1900, ed. Dr. Geoffrey A. Oddie (London: Curzon Press, 1997), 109-72.