Joint Master's Theses in Progress

University of Manitoba/ University of Winnipeg

Name:  Banman, Chantel
Working Title: “Novel Ideas: The Place of Archives in English-language Canadian Literary Life and Fiction, 1960-2015.”
Advisor:  T. Nesmith

Name: Booth, Samantha
Working Title: The Role of Archives in Indigenous Language Preservation and Revitalization
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name:  Courrier, Nicole
Working Title:  Picturing Archives: The Contributions of the Public Archives of Canada’s National Photography Collection to Photographic Archives and Study of the History of Photography in Canada
Advisor:  T. Nesmith

Name: Dabros, Marta
Working Title: Records on the Go:  The Intersection of Mobile Technologies and Archives
Advisor: Greg Bak

Name:  Fletcher, Nicole
Working Title:  Botany in the Prairies: Dr. Reginald Buller’s Botanical Illustration at the University of Manitoba
Advisor:  S. Keshavjee

Name: Johnson, Elizabeth-Anne
Working Title: Investigating a digital framework for the collaborative description of rare books and manuscripts
Advisor:  G. Bak

Name: Penner, Allison
Working Title:
"Even if I’m mistreated – I know I will not be mistreated – I will love this country":  Representations of Canada and Canadian-ness in the Stories of Afghan Refugees
Alexander Freund

Name: Smith, Wendy
Working Title: Archiving Democracy, Democratizing Archives: Rethinking Appraisal and Public Programming for the Digital Age
Advisor: G. Bak

Name: Story, Sarah
Working Title: From Partnership to Relationship: Ensuring a Future Inner City Archive in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Advisor: G. Bak


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