Joint Master's Theses in Progress

University of Manitoba/ University of Winnipeg

Name: McNally, Tyler
Working Title:  Practical Digital Preservation
Advisor:  Greg Bak

Name: Palendat, Kevin
Working Title:  Accessing Manitoba’s Archives: Exploring the Status and Responses to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Rights at the Archives of Manitoba
Advisor:  Tom Nesmith

Name: Penner, Allison
Working Title: “’Even if I’m mistreated – I know I will not be mistreated – I will love this country’:  Representations of Canada and Canadian-ness in the Stories of Afghan Refugees”
Advisor:  Alexander Freund

Name: Smith, Wendy
Working Title:  Archiving Democracy, Democratizing Archives: Rethinking Appraisal and Public Programming for the Digital Age
Advisor:  Greg Bak

Name: Smorang, Andrea
Working Title:  The Nonsuch Gallery: Constructing a Cultural Icon
Advisor:  Len Kuffert

Name: Stoesz, Conrad
Working Title:  The Creation of an Identify: The Conscientious Objector in Canadian Mennonite Memory
Advisor:  Royden Loewen

Name: Tomlin, Antony
Working Title:  “They, of all England, to ancient customs cleave:” Cheshire’s Privileged Autonomy and Tudor and Stuart Politics
Advisor:  Erik Thomson

Name: Yaremko, Erin
Working Title:  Effects of Hydroelectric Generating Stations on Aboriginal Communities in Northern Manitoba
Advisor:  Jarvis Brownlie

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