Stephan Jaeger

Associate Professor of German

  • Head
  • Graduate Advisor for German (M.A. Program)
  • Honours Program Advisor for German  

Office location: 327 Fletcher Argue

Phone: (204) 474-9930


Personal Homepage:


  • Dr. phil., Bielefeld, Germany (1999)
  • 1st Staatsexamen in German and English, Bielefeld, Germany (1995)


  • since 30 March 2009 Associate Professor of German at the Department of German and Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba
  • from July 2004 to March 2009 Assistant Professor of German at the Department of German and Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba,
  • 2003-04 Lecturer University of of Colorado at Boulder,
  • 2001-2003 Feodor-Lynen-Felowship of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
  • 2000/01: Tempus-Exchange-Lecturer at the University of Stettin (Poland);


undergraduate and graduate classes in German Literature, Culture, and Language (all levels); Methodology, Literary and Cultural Theory, German Enlightenment, Classicism, and Romanticism, Modernism, contemporary German literature (especially History in Literature), Representations of War and Holocaust, Love in German Literature and Culture


German and comparative literature since 1750. Literary Theory. Representations of War (particularly World War II). Relations between literature and historiography/history, narratology and aesthetics of academic and popular historiography. Museum representation. Theory and history of poetry, theories of subjectivity. German and British Enlightenment and Romanticism, European Modernism, contemporary historical narrative


The Second World War in the Twenty-first-century Museum from a Narratological and Comparative Perspective (German, Canada, Poland, and the U.K.)

Introduction to Historiographical Narratology

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (only books and co-edited books, see personal homepage for further publications)

  • Performative Geschichtsschreibung: Forster, Herder, Schiller, Archenholz und die Brüdern Schlegel (Performative Historiography: Forster, Herder, Schiller, Archenholz, and the Schlegel Brothers). Series Hermaea. Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2011. 395 pp. (xi + 384) webpage
  • Fighting Words and Images: Representing War across the Discipline. Ed. Elena Baraban, Stephan Jaeger, Adam Muller. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012. webpage
  • Zeichen des Krieges in Literatur, Film und den Medien. Vol. II. Ideologisierungen und Entideologisierungen (Signs of War in Literature, Film, and the Media: Ideologization and De-Ideologization). Eds. Stephan Jaeger & Christer Petersen. Kiel: Ludwig, 2006. 299 pp. webpage  
  • Historisierte Subjekte – Subjektivierte Historie. Zur Verfügbarkeit und Unverfügbarkeit von Geschichte (Historicized Subjects – Subjectivized History. About the Availability and Non-Availability of History). Eds. Stefan Deines, Stephan Jaeger & Ansgar Nünning. Berlin / New York: de Gruyter, 2003. 312 pp. webpage 
  • Theorie lyrischen Ausdrucks: Das “unmarkierte Zwischen” in Gedichten von Brentano, Eichendorff, Trakl und Rilke (Theory of Lyrical Expression: The “Unmarked In-Between” in Poems by Brentano, Eichendorff, Trakl and Rilke). Munich: Fink, 2001. 384 pp. webpage
  • Das Denken der Sprache und die Performanz des Literarischen um 1800 (The Thinking of Language and the Performance of the Literary around 1800). Stiftung für Romantikforschung 10. Ed. Stephan Jaeger and Stefan Willer. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2000. 247 pp. webpage


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