Summer Language Seminar in Ukrainian or Russian in Kyiv

Summer Language Seminar in Ukraine or Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

Lviv, UkraineOffered usually on an annual basis, length about 5 weeks, late May till early July.

Students are required to register for a 6-credit hour combination.

Course examples from recent summer programs (for further information contact the program coordinator, see below).

Language Seminar in Ukraine 1 (UKRN 1230 A60 – 3 credit hours)
Ukrainian Culture Seminar Abroad (UKRN 2260 A60 – 3 credit hours)
Ukrainian Mythology (UKRN 2510 A60 – 3 credit hours)
Special Studies: Language (UKRN 3880 T60 – 3 credit hours)

Russian Language Seminar Abroad (RUSN 2630 A60 – 3 credit hours)
Special Studies: Russian Cultural Seminar Abroad (RUSN 3790 T60 – 3 credit hours)

Practical language training in Ukrainian or Russian an extensive exploration of contemporary Ukrainian or Russian culture, and Ukrainian mythology comprise this Travel/Study program. Organized in small groups according to level of language proficiency, students are given the maximum individual attention.  Excursions are planned in Kyiv and neighbouring sites. Students register for either the Ukrainian or Russian option.

For information on travel fee, visa regulations, etc. contact the program coordinator.

Canadians or landed immigrants studying full-time at a university or college in Canada and who are registering for the Ukrainian courses listed may be eligible for a partial grant from the Taras Shevchenko Foundation.