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Department Head Administrative Assistant/
Graduate Administrator
María Inés Martínez Vonne Bannavong
431 Fletcher Argue Building                              429 Fletcher Argue Building
tel: (204) 474-9602 tel: (204) 474-9313

Associate Head  
Undergraduate Advisor for French               
Office Assistant
Dominique Laporte Chantal Hofer
414 Fletcher Argue Building 430 Fletcher Argue Building
tel: (204) 474-9175 tel: (204) 474-9313

Graduate Chair
Honours & Pre-M.A. Advisor
Irène Chassaing
423 Fletcher Argue Building
tel: (204) 474-9263

Spanish Coordinator  Italian Coordinator 
Student Advisor for Spanish                           
Student Advisor for Italian 
Caterina Reitano Saveria Torquato 
418 Fletcher Argue Building 420 Fletcher Argue Building 
tel: (204) 474-6857 tel: (204) 474-9280 


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