Lea Stirling

Ph.D. Michigan
MA, MA Michigan
B.A. (Hons.) Alberta

Department Head and Graduate Program Chair

Research Interests:
Roman Archaeology, Roman Art, North Africa, Late Antiquity


Department of Classics

370 University College,
220 Dysart Road
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB 
Canada R3T 2M8

Tel 204-474-7357
Fax 204- 474-7684
Email lea.stirling@umanitoba.ca

Research Website:

List of Publications


2007. Stone, D. L. and L. M. Stirling, eds. Mortuary Landscapes of North Africa. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

2005. Stirling, L. M. The Learned Collector: Mythological Statuettes and Classical Taste in Late Antique Gaul. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

2001. Stirling, L. M., D. J. Mattingly and N. Ben Lazreg (eds).  Leptiminus (Lamta): A Roman Port City in Tunisia.  Report 2: The East Baths, Cemeteries, Kilns, Venus Mosaic, Site Museum, and Other Studies (Journal of Roman Archaeology supplement 41; = Leptiminus 2) Portsmouth RI.

Articles and Chapters

2009. Keenleyside, A., H. Schwarcz, L. Stirling, and N. Ben Lazreg. “Stable Isotopic Evidence for Diet in a Roman and Late Roman Population from Leptiminus, Tunisia.” Journal of Archaeological Science 56: 51-63.

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2007. Stirling, L. M. “Statuary Collecting and Display in the Late Antique Villas of Gaul and Spain: A Comparative Study.” In Statuen und Statuensammlungen in der Spätantike (Spätantike – Frühes Christentum – Byzanz. Kunst im ersten Jahrtausend, Reihe B: Studien und Perspektiven 23), C. Witschel and F. Alto Bauer, eds. Weisbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Press: 307-321.

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2002. Sherriff, B. L., C. McCammon, and L. Stirling. “A Mössbauer Study of the Colour of Roman Pottery from the Leptiminus Archaeological Site, Tunisia.” Geoarchaeology 17.8: 863-74.

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2000. Mattingly, D. J., D. L. Stone, L. M. Stirling, N. Ben Lazreg. “Leptiminus (Tunisia): A ‘Producer’ City?” In Economies Beyond Agriculture in the Classical World. Ed. D. J. Mattingly and J. Salmon. London: 66-89.

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1997. Stirling, L. M. “Late-Antique Goddesses and Other Statuary at the Villa of La-Garenne-de-Nérac.” Echos du Monde Classique 41: 149-76.

1996. Stirling, L. M. “Gods, Heroes, and Ancestors: Sculptural Decoration in Late-Antique Aquitania.” Aquitania 14: 209-30.

1996. Stirling, L. M. “Divinities and Heroes in the Age of Ausonius: A Late-Antique Villa and Sculptural Collection at Saint-Georges-de-Montagne (Gironde).” Revue Archéologique: 103-43.  

1992. Contributions to N. Ben Lazreg and D.J. Mattingly (eds.). Leptiminus (Lamta): A Roman Port City in Tunisia, Report no. 1 (Journal of Roman Archaeology supplement 4). Ann Arbor.

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