Robert Nau

PhD McMaster University
MA University of Western Ontario
MA McMaster University
BA York University

Instructor II

Epic and Theban Myth

Room 359 University College
220 Dysart Road
Winnipeg, MB   R3T 2M8
Tel 204-474-7168   Fax 204-474-7684


COURSES for 2017-18
CLAS 1280 A01 - Introduction to Ancient Roman Culture (Fall term)
LATN 1080 A02 - Introduction to the Reading of Latin 1 (Fall term)
LATN 2700 A01 - Intermediate Readings in Latin (Fall term)
LATN 3820 A01 - Vergil's Aeneid (Fall term)
LATN 7200 T02 - Vergil's Aeneid (Fall term)

CLAS 2520 A02 - Greek and Roman Mythology (Winter term)
CLAS 3710 T05 - Myth and Theory (Winter term)
LATN 1090 A01 - Introduction to the Reading of Latin 2 (Winter term)