Master's Student Profiles


Trent Cheney
 Advisor:  Haskel Greenfield






Somayah Ezabad
 Advisor: Kent Fowler





Elenore Hood
 Advisor: Dr. Brooke Milne

 Areas of Specialization: consulting archaeology, public archaeology, lithics, Arctic, boreal forest

 Current Research: My research focuses on analysis of lithic debitage and selected formal tool types to investigate the relationships between toolstone procurement, novice flintknapping and Pre-Dorset mobility on southern Baffin Island.


2015 Blaikie-Birkigt, Kurtis and Elenore Hood
Paper Presentation: “Hit and Miss: An analysis of shovel testing methods in the boreal forest” Canadian Archaeological Association annual meetings, April 30, 2015



Mercedes Hunter
 Advisor: Rob Hoppa





Matthew Jensby
 Advisor: Brooke Milne






Jasmine Liesch
 Advisor: Brooke Milne

 Areas of specialization: Zooarchaeology

 Current Research: Reconstructing subsistence economies of Eastern Arctic Paleo-Inuit and Neo-Inuit societies through the analysis of faunal assemblages from sites on Southampton Island, Nunavut



Renee Lint
 Advisor: Fabiana Li






Kaitlyn Martin
 Advisor: Kathleen Buddle

 Areas of specialization: Cultural & criminal anthropology

 Current Research: I am a first-year master’s student focusing on immigrant and refugee populations in Canada.



Lesley Martin
 Advisor: Dr. Kent Fowler





Eleuterio Sousa
 Advisor: Haskel Greenfield





Tiffany Okaluk
 Advisor: Dr. Haskel Greenfield

Areas of specialization: archaeology, zooarchaeology, Near Eastern archaeology


Current Research: My research aims to understand the emergence and use of bronze axes in the Early Bronze Age Near East, through the zooarchaeological record.



Amber Tetreault
 Advisor: Dr. Mirjana Roksandic





Analucia Vucic
 Advisor: Dr. Fabiana Li

 Areas of specialization: Political anthropology, environmental anthropology, anthropology of development, medical anthropology, gender studies

 Current Research: The gendered social human connection to water inequality through imposed neoliberal state policies as a form of structural violence in the marginal indigenous communities of Cadereyta de Montes, Mexico.