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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Faculty of Arts offers two options for undergraduate programs in Anthropology:

Bachelor of Arts General Degree

This program gives students a general survey of the discipline and sub-disciplines of Anthropology.  A 3 year program in Anthropology can augment future professional education, or can stand alone as basic training in qualitative social science.

Bachelor of Arts Advanced Degree

This program provides students with the opportunity to focus on a specific sub-discipline.  Students who are interested in pursuing graduate work are encouraged to enroll in the 4 year program.

For entry, continuation and graduation requirements for the General Degree, Advanced Degree and Honours Degree, see Faculty of Arts (Section 3): Basic Faculty Regulations for the B.A. General, Advanced and Honours Degree Programs in the Academic Calendar.

Consult the Faculty of Arts Handbook (PDF) and Academic Calendar for more information on programs.

For students who are interested in an inter-disciplinary undergraduate education, the Faculty of Arts offers a program in Global Political Economy.  This program is affiliated with the anthropology department and offers exposure to and an opportunity to study key contemporary global issues.  


Careers in Anthropology

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