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Graduate Degree Programs

Are you thinking of applying for graduate school in anthropology? The Department of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba has a large and vibrant graduate program, offering degrees at both the MA and PhD levels in Anthropology. Our current graduate program has over 40 students at various levels of their program.

FGS Department Application Deadlines

  • International Student admission - March 1, 2014
  • Canadian/US admission - June 1, 2014

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate programs at both the MA and PhD levels in sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropolgy and archaeology. We maintain a strong focus on research training and attempt to tailor programs to the interests and strengths of individual students in close cooperation with faculty advisors.The experience of the Department's staff ranges over much of the world, from the far North to the tropics, and around the globe from Asia to the Americas. This research serves to increase our understanding of family life and community structure; gender relations; ethnic groups and their varied responses to health and illness; industrialization and migration for work; the political economy and culture of globalization; the universal concern for food and shelter, beliefs and values, art and symbols, language and folklore; human evolution and ecological adaptation. Research is currently being carried out in Canada, China, Europe, Israel, Latin America, and Africa. Abundant research opportunities within the Province of Manitoba are supported by the presence of a wide variety of ethnic groups and a rich record of ancient human settlement. Local projects have included the adaptation and cultures of aboriginal peoples in the North; multi-ethnic urban anthropology in Winnipeg; paleo-environments and early human settlements in the Lake Agassiz region; the fur trade of the region; ethnohistory and late prehistoric archaeology of southwestern Manitoba; and population biology and pathology of native and immigrant groups. Student study and research work are supported by Student Research Assistantships, University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships, SSHRC and NSERC, as well as by faculty grants. $0 $0 Our graduates have been highly successful in a variety of fields. They have taken up positions in universities and colleges as professors or specialists, in the Foreign Service, in health related institutions, in museums, in education, in government heritage positions, for the International Development Research Centre, and in counselling for Native municipal boards. Others have chosen to be free lance anthropologists; some have incorporated their own successful companies.