University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Dean's Office & General Office Directory
Dean's Office & General Office Directory
  General Telephone: 474-9100    
Name/Email Position Phone Room
Dean's Office
Rory Henry Director of Planning and Priorities 474-7823 202 University College
Janice Gripp Confidential Assistant to the Dean 474-8439 309 Fletcher Argue
Jennifer Chappellaz Confidential Assistant to the Associate Deans 474-7321 307 Fletcher Argue
Stephanie Bovell Dean's Office Assistant 474-9979 307A Fletcher Argue
Elyssa Warkentin Research Grants Facilitator 474-8096 301F Isbister
Heather Ayres Manager, Staff & Administrative Services 474-9696 301 Fletcher Argue
Arts Budget Office
(vacant) Financial Officer 474-6280 302 Fletcher Argue
Mary Harder Budget Office Assistant 474-9269 300 Fletcher Argue
Sara Payette Finance Payroll Administator 474-8108 300 Fletcher Argue
Arts Information & Technology
Rob Parker Systems Analyst – Information Systems 474-7094 201 Fletcher Argue
J.C. Lussier Senior Programmer – Information Systems 474-7117 201 Fletcher Argue
Ferro Montanino Information Technologist 474-9679 201 Fletcher Argue
Gerry Strom Systems Analyst - Database Programmer 474-7121 304 Tier
Arts Communications
Amber Ostermann Communications Specialist 480-1498 232 University College
Marcus Closen Web Assistant 474-9894 232 University College
Arts General Office
Greg Sobie Manager, Student Services 474-9675 304 Fletcher Argue
Lesley Friesen Undergraduate Program Manager 474-9824 317 Fletcher Argue
Arts General Office - Student Advisors
(vacant) Academic Advisor 474-7807 314 Fletcher Argue
Vickie Jolicoeur International Academic Advisor 480-1247 315A Fletcher Argue
Vanessa Lillie Academic Advisor (Indigenous Students) 474-6324 303 Fletcher Argue
254 Migizii Agamik
Michelle Paragg Louizos Academic Advisor 474-9695 301A Fletcher Argue
Nancy Swaine Academic Advisor  474-9113 313 Fletcher Argue
Arts General Office Support Staff
Vicky Warkentin Administrative Assistant (Information Systems) 474-8140 304 Tier
Diane Novotny Records Supervisor 474-9684 306A Fletcher Argue
Linda Gregoire General Office Assistant 474-9100 306A Fletcher Argue
Luana Tavener General Office Assistant 474-9100 306A Fletcher Argue
Cecile Foster Community Outreach Coordinator 474-9352 306E Fletcher Argue