University of Manitoba - Faculty of Arts - Paul Phillips Memorial Award
Paul Phillips Memorial Award

Paul Phillips (1938 – 2008) was a long-time faculty member of the University of Manitoba community, a superb teacher, a widely-published researcher and author, a proud union member, an effective labour negotiator and arbitrator, a culture aficionado and opera singer, and a long-time board member of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  In his memory, an endowment fund has been established at the University of Manitoba by his family, colleagues, and friends. 

The available annual interest from the fund will be used to offer one scholarship to a student who:

  1. has completed at least 60 credit hours of a Bachelor of Arts degree in an Honours or Major program in Economics, Labour Studies, or Global Political Economy;
  2. has achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.5;
  3. has written the best research paper (with a minimum grade of B+), as determined by the selection committee, in one of the following subjects: Canadian economic, labour and/or social history; environment and sustainability; regional development; comparative economic systems; gender; political economy; the socio-economic significance of arts and culture;
  4. in the next ensuing academic session, is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Arts, in one of the programs listed in criterion (1)

In the event that two or more papers are judged to be of equal quality, the highest degree grade point average will be the deciding factor.

Candidates for the award must be nominated by their instructors, who will provide the selection committee with a copy of the student’s research paper and the assigned grade.

The selection committee will be named by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts (or designate) and will include at least three members, with representation from each of the Department of Economics and the Labour Studies and Global Political Economy programs.

*NOTE: The award will be given during the Fall Term of the following academic year in which the research paper was written.

The following must be submitted to the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts (C/O 307 Fletcher Argue Building) by May 15th:

  1. a completed nomination form (see right hand side of this page)
  2. a certified true copy of current undergraduate transcript; and
  3. a research paper with a minimum grade of B+.