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Faculty of Arts - Award in Internationalization

 The Faculty of Arts Award in Internationalization is given to a faculty member who promotes an increase in students’ awareness of international culture, perspective and issues. Examples might include courses integrating international experience, teaching material based on research in other countries and facilitating international student exchange. The award, worth $1,000, is given to a faculty member for research, travel, or activities related to professional development.


Faculty of Arts Award in Internationalization 2018

Professor Haskel Greenfield
Dr. Haskel Greenfield, Distinguished Professor, Department of Anthropology

Haskel Greenfield works in many ways to promote an increase in students' awareness of international cultures, perspectives, and issues.

His immense undertakings of international work in the form of several digs in other parts of the world integrate student experience and field learning, promoting both research and teaching with international emphasis. International projects and field schools which have had Professor Greenfield involved include places such as Serbia, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, and Israel.

The learning which these activities permit students to undertake provides not only archaeologic training, but immerses students in the cultures of the places in which Professor Greenfield and team find themselves.



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Faculty of Arts Award in Internationalization

Nomination Process: Nominations can be made by Department  Heads, Program Coordinators, colleagues, or students (both undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Arts or graduate students completing their degrees in a department or program in the Faculty of Arts). Self-nominations are also encouraged. The nomination will be a letter of recommendation describing the contribution of the candidate and should not be more than three pages (use accompanying nomination form). Additional letters of support and other supporting material can be appended. The nomination package should be sent to the Associate Dean in charge of international education, C/O 307 Fletcher Argue Building.
Nomination deadline is April 30th