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Faculty of Arts Endowment Fund

The Faculty of Arts Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of advancement and enrichment of the teaching, research and scholarly goals of the Faculty of Arts.   The Endowment Fund is intended to be used for activities or projects not normally funded by the operating or capital budgets of the Faculty of Arts, such as the enhancement of instructional and research facilities and equipment; the encouragement of innovative student and support staff activities; visits by guest speakers, researchers and visiting professors; staff self-improvement courses and workshops; and special library acquisitions related to teaching and research.

In recent years, the AEF has funded such things as undergraduate and graduate run conferences, workshops and presentations hosted on the campus, or off campus; film festivals; student study space renovations; student participation in off campus conferences or meetings of a specialized nature (Labour Law, Model UN); library acquisitions necessary for teaching and/or research; special cultural events with invited guests (musicians, artists); equipment or teaching materials for labs or courses; visiting speakers; student publications; support staff professional development; travel to present research results at meetings or conferences.  The AEF does not support direct research costs that would be funded by competitive research grants or other activities or projects normally funded by the operating or capital budgets of the Faculty, nor does it pay a student’s tuition to attend a course or program.

A. The criteria for eligibility are:

1. Applicant is a registered student in the Faculty of Arts; or a registered graduate student in a Faculty of Arts discipline; or a sessional faculty member in an Arts discipline; or a member of support staff or academic staff in any Arts department or program.
2. Applicant has completed the application on time, in full, and submitted satisfactory supporting material.
3. Application is not for expenses incurred retroactive to the award year; 1st competition (September 01 to December 31) and 2nd competition (January 01 to December 31).
4. Applications for the 1st competition will be entertained for the upcoming funding year (September 01 to December 31) and for the 2nd competition  (January 01 to December 31) only.
5. Except in exceptional circumstances, the applicant did not receive funding in either of the previous year's AEF competitions.

B. The following funding rules will normally be followed:

1. Applications will be funded in whole or in part, up to a maximum of $3000 per applicant
2. Domestic travel costs will normally be funded to a maximum of $900.00
3. International travel costs will be normally funded to a maximum of $1,800.00
4. Per diem rates will be set according to the University of Manitoba’s governing document “Travel and Business Expense Claims” procedures (currently $50 for domestic, $60 for international)
5. Other sources of funding available to the applicant will be considered in adjudicating applications.

C. Preparing and Justifying the Budget
1. Provide briefly detailed explanations for your proposed expenses.
2. Provide quotations or invoices for conference fees, airfare, hotel, and/or transportation costs and for claims for materials or equipment over $500.
3. Explain why equipment, materials or supplies may not be obtained through the operating or capital budgets of the Faculty of Arts.

D. Supporting Materials
1. Provide evidence of acceptance to conferences or meetings indicating your role (participant, speaker, poster, discussant, etc.)
2. Provide other supporting documents that justify or explain your budget.

Arts Endowment Fund
Application Form (PDF) 


Application deadline for the first competition is September 29.

Note: The September 2017 competition is directed primarily to Undergraduate students.

Application deadline for the second competition is January 31