Student Conference Travel Award

This fund is intended to provide graduate and senior undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts with financial support to attend a conference in their discipline at which they will present a paper, or play a role of similar significance.  Students who receive an award from this fund may wish to include it on their resume under the title "Faculty of Arts Conference Travel Award".

Other sources of funding should be pursued, including the Faculty of Arts Endowment Fund (one competition a year, in the Winter term) or the Faculty of Graduate Studies travel award.   Students who have obtained funding from these, or other sources, may still apply to the Dean but total funding cannot exceed normal travel expenses.


  1. No student will be funded more than once in the year (note: ‘the year’ refers to the fiscal year – April 1 to March 31).
  2. The maximum allocation will be $350.
  3. To be eligible for a travel award, a student must be:
       a. Enrolled full-time in a program in the Faculty of Arts, and
       b. Presenting a paper, or have another significant role, at an academic conference


There will normally be 2 competitions each year, with deadlines of April 1 and November 1***.  Application is to be made in writing to the Associate Dean (C/O 307 Fletcher Argue Building) – in addition to the application form, the application must include:

  1. An estimate of expenses
  2. A statement from the Department Head (or designate) indicating that:
    a. The opportunity to participate in the conference would further the academic credentials of the student
    b. The student is academically deserving
    c. The Department will match any funding provided by the Dean, at a ratio of at least 1 to 4
    d. Rank ordering the application from the department
  3. Written confirmation that paper/poster has been accepted for presentation

***IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your travel will occur between April 1 and August 31, you should apply for the  April 1 award deadline.  If your travel will occur between September 1 and March 31, you should apply for the November 1 award deadline.