J. G. Fletcher Award

These awards are made possible through the generous bequest of J.G. Fletcher in support of  Faculty of Arts graduate students’ research.

At least 3 awards (of up to $3,000 each) will be given annually to graduate students in good standing in programs offered in the Faculty of Arts, to support research toward the completion of a thesis or dissertation.

Selection of the award recipients will be made by a sub-committee of the Chairs of Graduate Programs, Faculty of Arts, whose mandate will be to balance the awards between the humanities and social sciences. General criteria for choosing the winners will be academic merit and the direct need and relevance of the proposed use of the funds (as outlined in the budget) for the completion of the thesis or dissertation. Awards will be announced by May 1.

Recipients may wish to include the award on their resumé under the title "J. G. Fletcher Award for Graduate Student Research, Faculty of Arts".


1. Applicant must be a graduate student in good standing in programs offered in the Faculty of Arts.

2. Students in IDP programs are also eligible if their thesis or dissertation supervisor is in the Faculty of Arts.

3. No student will be funded more than once in a degree program.


Deadline for applications will be April 15 of the academic year preceding the summer or terms in which the research will be conducted. Application is to be made in writing to the Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts, (c/o 307 Fletcher Argue Building) and is to include:

1. Statement of the proposed research (max. 2 pages).

2. A detailed budget, and travel plans if any (for more detailed information regarding expenses please refer to the application form).

3. Copy current/most recent transcript (certified as true copy by department graduate chair unless coming directly from Registrar's Office).

4. Letters of support from department graduate chair and thesis/dissertation advisor.

5. Application form.