We believe that, as a design Faculty, our research is centred upon the Scholarship of Application (applied research, creative works, practice, research). We continue to invest in research technology and have developed the first architecture research facility in Canada, the Centre for Architecture and Structural Technology.

It is our intent to:
Become the centre of Design Excellence in Canada;

Provide the highest quality research environment for design in Canada;

Develop a research focus that is unprecedented in Canada, by examining regional imperatives, such as the consequences of flood architecture, cold climate design, healthy sustainable community development, and prairie urban form and associated socio-economic implications;

Foster a collaborative interdisciplinary research setting, particularly with agriculture, engineering, fine arts, geography, health sciences, music and native studies;

Stimulate the transfer of design knowledge for the well-being of citizens, communities, the professions, the province and the country;

Reward research excellence;

Promote an collegial, collaborative research environment.