Thesis Practicum Checklist
Landscape Architecture

Below are the administrative processes that the Department of Landscape Architecture follows under the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements as well as the unit’s approved supplemental regulations. The graduate student and their Advisor are responsible for ensuring that the required forms are completed and submitted to the Student Service Office (201 Russell Bldg.). A copy* is placed in student’s file and forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


This form is designed to provide a framework for discussion between advisors and graduate students registered in a thesis or practicum program and to establish guidelines to govern their relationship. This document must be completed prior to the commencement of any research and no later than the submission of the first Progress Report for the Student.

FULL PROPOSAL FORM Full proposal form contained in Practicum Guide
In accordance with the Academic Calendar: “In those departments that specify that a Master’s Advisory Committee is required, the committee must consist of at least one person who holds a primary appointment from within the major department. Additional specifications regarding the advisory committee are found in the departmental supplemental regulations. The advisor is approved by the Department Head, must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, be active in research, have expertise in a discipline related to the student’s program, and hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent. Any exceptions or special circumstances must be recommended by the Head of the major department and approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is the responsibility of the Department Head to determine whether faculty members meet these criteria, and also to report on equivalency as necessary". Please review Practicum Guide

When the student has been approved by their advisor to move forward with their presentation, they are required to complete and submit the presentation booking form to the Student Advisory Assistant in 201 Russell Building. The students must identify the level of the presentation on the form. Once the student has been approved for their final presentation this form will be used to create the Final Report form* that goes to Graduate Studies. Please ensure that all information is correct and the title is confirmed.

To be submitted prior to intermediate presentation or four months prior to final presentation (if not making an Intermediate presentation) – Graduate Studies has final approval of the examination committee and it is important that this form is completed in a timely manner. In the majority of cases all members of the examining committee must hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent. Should the external be from outside the University of Manitoba the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires a CV/resume indicating their professional and academic background.

Examining Committee: The Academic Adviser will recommend a suggested thesis/practicum examining committee to the Department Head for approval, which shall then be reported to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Office on the “Master’s Thesis/Practicum Title and Appointment of Examiners” form. The committee must consist of a minimum of three examiners. At least two examiners must be members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. One examiner must hold a primary appointment from within the major department and one examiner must be external to the department. All examiners must be deemed qualified by the Department Head and willing to serve. Note: The External Examiner should be considered arm’s length to the department. While the definition of “arm’s length” is left to the discretion of the department, be advised that justification may be required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies for this selection".

Faculty of Graduate Studies Submission Dates can be found through FGS website to Graduate Calendar. Faculty of Graduate Studies submission requirements can be found on Thesis/Practicum page or in the Department of Landscape Architecture Thesis / Practicum Guidelines. The Landscape Architecture program requires students to submit a hard bound copy of their final document to the department. This must be submitted at their final submission date to the Faculty of Graduate Studies or a copy of the receipt showing proof they have placed an order for the hardbound copy. A hold will be placed on their University of Manitoba account until this has been submitted

Once a full committee has been struck the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires all member signatures on the form. The committee may also consider signing-off on a similar form after each meeting should they be unable to meet at the time of the yearly meeting.