Degree Programs
The First-professional program is directed towards those interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design practice. The program emphasizes the creation of human-centered and context-based design solutions that respond to the needs of contemporary life.

Master of Interior design graduates are qualified to work nationally and internationally at the forefront of their profession, with a skill- set that includes strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, a research orientation and an ethical and environmentally responsible frame of reference. Professionalism and an understanding of contemporary practice informs core curriculum. The program requires a minimum of two full years of study to complete.

The Post-professional program is directed to those who already hold a First-Professional degree in Interior Design from a recognized institution. The program has a research orientation and is intended to further knowledge in specific areas of the discipline. The program requires a minimum of one and one half years of full time study to complete.

The First-professional program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly F.I.D.E.R.). Graduates normally proceed to certification from the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (N.C.I.D.Q.) and membership in a professional Interior Design association.

The Department faculty’s teaching and research expertise and interests include the following areas: Workplace environments; Universal access; Cultural Theory; Design Theory; Design activism; Design education; Design research.