Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Environmental Design Program website! Thank you for your interest in our Faculty. We have put together a number of questions that are often asked with regard to entrance into the Program. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Carrie Johnson, Undergraduate Student Advisor.


What is Environmental Design?
“Environmental Design promotes holistic enquiry in matters related to the built, natural and human environments by applying knowledge of aesthetics, environmental, technology, skills and values in concert with an understanding of the interrelationships of complex cultural and ecological systems as they inform human well-being, human settlement and environmental processes.” (from Report of the Senate Committee on Admissions concerning a proposal from the Faculty of Architecture to enact reforms in the Environmental Design Program, 2007.02.20)

Do I need to know how to draw?

You do not need to know how to draw. We teach you all the skills you require.

How much does it cost?
Tuition is approximately $5,000 per year with supplies ranging from $4 to $8 thousand per year, but once you have your base supplies (drawing equipment, camera, laptop computer) this cost goes down.

How long does it take?
Three years of full time study after University 1.

What can I do when I am done?
Students who choose to not continue on into the Masters Programs go on into careers in design firms, film and theatre set design, fashion design, jewelry design, photography or game design.

How many people apply each year?
Between 250 and 350 students.

What is the cutoff GPA generally?
Between 3.4 and 3.6.

How many are accepted?
110 students.

What do I need to get in?
You need to complete University 1.


What is the number of credit hours required for admission?
All applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours in specific areas to be considered for admission.

What if I am not applying from University of Manitoba University 1?
Applicants do not need to have completed the admission requirements at the University of Manitoba. The requirements are flexible enough that they can be completed at any University.

What are the Option 1 and Option 2 courses?
Both Option 1 and Option 2 applicants must complete 6 credit hours from the Faculty of Science, 6 credit hours from the Faculty of Arts and 6 credit hours from either the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Arts. This totals 18 credit hours.

To be considered for Option 1 applicants must complete all 4 of the Environmental Design courses to satisfy the remaining 12 credit hours.

To be considered for Option 2 applicants must complete 12 credit hours of electives.



When is the deadline for application?
Our application deadline is March 1st of each year.

Can I apply for admission to the Environmental Design program in a winter or summer term or just in the fall?
We accept students to begin in the Fall term only. Application forms are available on line usually by the beginning of December.

Is there a January entrance pool?


I was one of the students who did not get accepted for Environmental Design this term, and although I am disappointed, I am still determined to make this year count and reapply next year. There are a few main things I am wondering:
1) Is there a waiting list to still get in/be considered for this year's Environmental Design classes?

We do not have a waiting list for admission into the Environmental Design Program.
2) If not, what classes would I be able to take to better my chances for next year?
As admission is based only on your grades I would recommend you take further courses in a subject area that you have an interest in to increase your grade point average.

I am a University 1 student who is interested in the Faculty of Architecture. I became ill in my first year and Voluntarily Withdrew from most of my classes. Due to many circumstances I was not able to finish my classes. Though I discussed this with the U1 Office, I was still confused. I submitted an Authorized Withdrawal request but I missed the deadline by a few days. I pursued this with Doctors notes and unfortunately notes were lost and my updated transcript has 2 F’s. I don’t have a GPA because I have not completed a full year of University 1. I think it is unfair to have to take 60 credit hours to make up for a series of unfortunate events. Is there anyway that you could be of assistance or could you point me to someone who might help?
To any student who has what they consider to be a special situation, we would recommend meeting with the Environmental Design Student Advisor. Individual guidance can be provided based on the students’ unique circumstances.

I have some inquiries regarding the Environment Design Program. I applied for admission this year, however unfortunately I was not accepted. I have completed all the requirements for admission into EVDS 2. Is there a way I could apply again next year, and not have all the classes I have taken go to waste? Essentially, I am unclear as to where to go from here. Is there any advice the Faculty could give to students that intend to apply again and what could be done in preparation for re-applying?
As admission is academically competitive you would need to either complete the classes you had outstanding or take further courses to increase your grade point average. The majority of our students do not get accepted the first time they apply. Most take more than one year of university before they are successful in their application. Education should never be considered a waste. It is a learning experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

I had a few questions about the path I should take to become an architect and some of the high school courses that might be useful. I am currently a Grade 11 student in Saskatchewan and am interested in pursuing architecture at the University of Manitoba.
We do not have any specific high school requirements necessary for admission into the Environmental Design Program. You must ensure though that you are completing the necessary requirements for admission into either the University of Manitoba or a university closer to your home. Your high school guidance counselor can provide you with this information.

I am in Grade 11 and interested in the Faculty of Architecture. I was on the website looking at the Bachelor of Environmental Design program and was wondering about the number of students who apply, and the number of students who are admitted to the Bachelor program. Also, looking toward the future, could you also let me know the number of applicants to the Graduate programs in the Faculty of Architecture and the number of successful applicants?
We have between 250 and 350 students who apply for admission and we admit approximately 100 each year. There are usually around 120 applicants for the Master of Architecture Program with approximately 35 being accepted each year. The Master of City Planning receives between 45 to 50 applications and normally accepts 16. There are about 35 applications for admission into the Master of Interior Design Program and they accept up to 12 students. The Master of Landscape Architecture Program receives approximately 45 applicants and admits around 21.

I am interested in applying to Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture at University of Manitoba. However, I have not attended university for seven years as I have been working. I completed a year and a half of studies at a university in Ontario for an environmental studies program. I am unsure if I qualify for Advanced Entry, or Direct Entry?
We do not have Direct Entry into the Bachelor of Environmental Design Program. All applicants must have completed the requirements for either Option 1 or Option 2 in order to be considered for admission. If you have completed all of the requirements in your prior education you would be eligible to apply, any components that you are missing must be completed by the end of the April examination series of the year you apply. You should know that there is an Option in the Environmental Design program called Landscape+Urbanism. This Option is the appropriate venue to apply for the Master of Landscape Architecture program here in the Faculty of Architecture.

I am currently registered in University of Manitoba under General Studies. I would like to enter the Environmental Design Program. I have already taken EVDS1600 and EVDS1602. I would like to apply for the program under Option 2. I was wondering if I took all of the Environmental Design courses, which comprise 12 credits, would I still be able to take 12 credit hours of open elective courses, as it is stated that Option 2 is for applicants who are missing one or more of the required Environmental Design courses? I have already taken 3 credits in Science and 3 credits in Arts along with the two Environmental Design courses.
The four Environmental Design courses are in place of the 12 credit hours of electives required in Option 2. Applicants would either complete the four Environmental Design courses, for Option 1 or the 12 credit hours of electives for Option 2.

Will a Social Science attribute fulfill a required credit hour of Faculty of Science?

No, a Social Science would satisfy the Faculty of Arts requirement.

When it says I require 12 credit hours of open elective courses, does that mean I can take any course that is not under Arts and Science?
Yes, the 12 credit hours of electives can be satisfied with any university level course.

If you have more than 30 credit hours how is the GPA for admissions calculated? Is it on the most current GPA or your overall GPA including the extra credits?
For applicants who have 30 credit hours completed, all of their grades will be used in the calculation. If a student has completed between 36 and 59 credit hours, all of the grades will be used, with 6 credit hours of the lowest being dropped from the calculation. For applicants who have completed 60 or more credit hours, a total of 60 will be used, with 12 credit hours being dropped from the calculation

It is quite difficult to understand the Bachelor of Environmental Design Admission requirements. Having read through your admissions page on line this is what I understand. If I am applying for Option 1 admission, I must successfully complete the first year foundation program (University 1) consisting of the following. Applicants applying to be considered under Option 1 must have taken the following courses: Introduction to Environmental Design (EVDS 1600 – 3 credit hours), History of Culture, Ideas and Environment 1 (EVDS 1660 – 3 credit hours), History of Culture, Ideas and Environment 2 (EVDS 1670 – 3 credit hours), Visual Literacy (EVDS 1602 – 3 credit hours) with a minimum grade of C+ in each course, plus 6 credit hours of Faculty of Arts courses, 6 credit hours of Faculty of Science courses and 6 credit hours of courses offered by either Arts or Science with a minimum grade of C in each course. Students are also required to complete, within these 30 credit hours, 3 credit hours meeting the ‘written English (W) requirement’ and 3 credit hours meeting the ‘Mathematics (M) requirement’. But, if I need a GPA of 3.5 or greater, why say a minimum grade of C or C+?
The minimum grade of C or C+ allows a student who has not done well in a course to still be considered for admission as long as they have obtained high enough grades in the remainder of their courses to be competitive in the selection process.

I have recently applied for admission to this Faculty and I have some questions, and I am not sure whom to ask.
Carrie Johnson, Undergraduate Student Advisor,

I am wondering about the course load, and class times for this program to prepare myself if I do get into the faculty. I have other obligations and I wonder what time commitment I would be looking at. Do students usually quit whatever job they have because the course load is too strenuous? Does it run from 8 am to 5pm every day?
The Bachelor of Environmental Design Program is known for being very time consuming. Classes are scheduled during the day but students often find themselves here well into the evening. Each student deals with the time commitment differently based on their time management skills. Due to the high cost of post secondary education most students do hold part time jobs though out the academic year.

I am a Grade 12 student in British Columbia. I am hoping to pursue an Environmental Design degree, and then go on to achieve my Masters degree in one of the Departments in the Faculty of Architecture. What are the prerequisites for the Masters programs so that I know what courses to take during my undergraduate years?

In order to be considered for any of the graduate programs offered in the Faculty of Architecture students must first complete an undergraduate degree. The Environmental Design Degree is the recommended route for admission into the Master of Architecture, Master of City Planning, Master of Interior Design, and Master of Landscape Architecture Programs.