Cooperative Education / Integrated Work Program Option (Co-op/I)
The Faculty of Architecture Cooperative Education / Integrated Work Program Option is designed to complement and enrich our academic programs with work experience. The work term/s will provide students with practical experience, assistance in financing their education, and guidance for future career specialization.

The Co-op/I program is a non-compulsory option for students. Credits earned through the Co-op/I program do not exempt students from any degree requirement and are in addition to the degree requirements of each student’s program.

Admittance to the program does not guarantee a job. Work Placements are dependent on availability. Employers will make the final decision about job offers. Students are not obliged to accept any offer.

2017-2018 is the pilot year of the Co-op/I Option. Procedural details and dates are subject to change.

Student Eligibility
The Co-op/I option is open to students in good standing in ED3/4 in any discipline and AMP1/2. M1/2 students may participate in EVDS Work Term courses with permission from the Program Coordinator. All students must be currently enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture and have completed at least 85 credit hours toward a University degree at the time of the job placement. International students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit, prior to the start of any work term. The Co-op/I Coordinator is available to assist all students in the application process.

Schedule for Student Participation

November 3, noon – Student Info Session in Centre Space, John A. Russell Building.

November 15 – Application Deadline –  interested students should send an application form, resume, letter of interest (max. one page), and portfolio (max. 15 MB) to

November 21 or 24, 10am – Eligible students will be invited to meet for a Group Interview.

December – Acceptance will be confirmed in writing by the Faculty of Architecture Co-op/I Program Coordinator.

January – Accepted students are required to join Career Services Workshops.

February – Job opportunities posted for student review.

March 1 – Students may apply for available opportunities. Students are invited to bring opportunities to the attention of the Co-op/I Coordinator, to be reviewed for appropriateness.

March – Students may be invited to interview for a position.

April – Students who are offered a position will accept or decline.

May – Students securing work placements will register for Co-op Work Term 1. This is a one-credit, pass/fail course. Like all courses at the University of Manitoba, a registration fee will apply.

Summer 2018 – Students securing work placements will work for pay for a minimum of 10 weeks. Over the summer the Co-op/I Coordinator will schedule a site visit to meet with the employer at the workplace to discuss the work placement and the student’s performance.

September 15 – Deadline for submitting completed Work Term Report 1. To be submitted to (Work Term Report Guidelines will be posted here by May).

Students participating in a Summer 2018 work term may graduate in October 2018; return to complete program requirements in Fall 2018; proceed to graduate studies (if already accepted); or complete a second consecutive work term. Situations will depend on student status and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Stay tuned for more information.

QUESTIONS should be directed to (Co-op/I Coordinator) and (Co-op/I Academic Liaison).
November 3rd Presenation to Students
Lisa Landrum introduces the new Co-op program to students at the November 3rd presentation

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