Mentorship Program
The Mentorship Program is an initiative launched by the University of Manitoba, the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI) and the University of Manitoba Association of Planning Students (UMAPS) intended to strengthen ties between students and professional planners. The program involves pairing a student with a practising member of MPPI, so that the mentor could offer support and guidance to the student during the course of their academic career. The mentor would be the first point of contact between the student and the planning profession. Responsibility for matching the student with the professional will lie with the University Liaison committee of MPPI. See the MPPI website for more details including the Guide Book 2002.

A mentor would take the time to meet with their student on a casual basis. Mentors could expect to discuss course work, major degree project topics, internship opportunities, and perhaps future career strategies with their student. The areas of interest or practice do not necessarily have to be the same, as it is expected that the student’s interests and course work will evolve during the course of the program. Acting as a mentor would also enable the professional to identify relevant or timely thesis/practicum topics that would be of interest to the student, mentor, and planning profession.

In participating in the Mentorship program, professional planners can earn points towards a professional development certificate offered by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). Acting as a mentor also enabled the professional planner to fulfill their commitment to CIP as set out in the Code of Professional Conduct, Section 3.4, requiring members to contribute to the professional education, mentoring, and development of planning students, provisional and full members of the Institute and other colleagues.